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    Thanks to all the authorities for making the right decision. Passengers must be so relieved to finally be heading home after such an ordeal. Wishing them a safe trip home! In the meantime, wishing the remaining 26 quarantined on board with mild symptoms a speedy recovery, and thinking of the families of the four deceased.
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    Stay positive, believe that this, too, shall pass, and book a cruise NOW for later. There are great new deals for fall 2020, 2021 and even 2022! For ideas and inspiration, message me or visit: https://7seajourneys.com
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    Thanks for sharing Jan, will help promote on social media as well.
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    GRAND PRINCESS - 8/21/21

    And what a deal it was! Thanks for not letting the current gloom and doom get you down and thinking ahead to better times. 😁🛳👏
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    Certainly a sight we don’t see every day. But don’t let COVID-19 prevent you from looking to the future. Let’s get beyond the gloom and doom and plan something for fall or 2021. The virus may take a hit on personal finances, but even having a 3-day cruise to look forward to will be uplifting!
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