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  1. Thank You Amy... so looking forward to getting away and no computer, no cell for at least a week. Now THAT's a vacation in itself :) Jim
  2. Thank you Amy....great to see how many cruises you've been on. This will be my 18th.... But now "semi-retired" my goal is to cruise many times before I can't anymore !! (25-30 years maybe??) lol Thanks for replying !! :) Jim
  3. Looking for other Crazies that might be onboard the Oasis of the Seas, February 22, 2014 out of Ft. Lauderdale
  4. Hello - looking to find other Crazies that might be on the Carnival Splendor - Dec. 3rd out of New York.
  5. Hey, Johnnyseas! You're everywhere ! Anxiously awaiting to meet you both in a few days. JimmyJ
  6. Hey, Johnnyseas! You're everywhere ! Anxiously awaiting to meet you both in a few days. JimmyJ
  7. Original Post was in June - just bumping up thread to see if anyone is going with us...
  8. Thanks everyone... I like John's idea of just transferring to Galveston then if necessary, rent a car ! Thanks for all your kindness... Just starting packing (only 3 months to go) JimmyJ Toronto Where Everyone seemed to escape the Air France plane today.. that's a miracle.
  9. Greetings all.. If anyone is in the Houston/Galveston area, I need some advice. We're flying into Houston on US Thanksgiving (Nov 24) and taking a Princess Cruise out of Galveston on Nov. 26. I'm having difficulty finding a car rental company which will allow me to rent in Houston and drop off in Galveston. I think it'd be a long way driving back to Houston to turn in the car.. and then how could I get back to Galveston. We're thinking of staying in Galveston at Hotel Galvez. Any comments on this hotel as well? Any suggestions?
  10. Greetings fellow Crazies - Looking for other sailmates going on the Grand Princess out of Galveston, November 26, 2005 - Anyone going? Anyone thinking of going? Anyone WANT to go :wink: JimmyJ Toronto Ontario Canada
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