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  1. thanks everyone...I sent him an email....waiting to here from him and see what he says
  2. making a promise to let you know all about it....remember it's not until July!
  3. after reading the many high recommendations on this tour co., I went to his website and realized that he states you will be back at port by 4 pm...The Crown leaves at 4 pm. Has anyone ever used them? IF you, could you share your experiences with me. Thanks Crissy
  4. PrincessOne...we're leaving from NY on 7/05. I only cruised once before on Disney...so this open deck thing is new to me. I'm sure I'll love it..I do like the sun, so that won't bother me, and when sipping my morning coffee on my balcony, I guess I'll have to look decent enough to wave to all my neighbors! Howard...I've heard mixed reviews on navigating this ship...we're traveling with a couple of families so I hope it won't be to hard to find everyone...and if "don't" want to be found that sounds like it could be easy too!
  5. Rose and Howie...Wishing you a wonderful journey!
  6. anyone coming along?? I know the ship is practically full...
  7. Hi...For you Princess Cruisers...Has anyone ever stayed in this vicinity before on the Crown? We have a mini suite and an inside cabin across the hall and down a few ( my 17 yr old son and his friend are staying in that one)... Any secrets or tips about navagating our way around.. I remember when we went on the Disney Wonder, we were on Deck 7 and that was a "secret deck" I learned about from the Disney boards, and it was wonderful....No one really knew it was there...hehehe. My daughter and her friends are on the same deck but all the way foward also in an inside cabin. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Crissy
  8. thanks for the quick welcome... we're doing the eastern carribean and will be visiting Grand Turk, San Juan, St Thomas and Bermuda.. 10 day cruise out of New York.
  9. Hi, I'm Crissy and I live on Long Island in New York...I'm looking foward to my first cruise on the Crown Princess leaving from NY on July 5th 2007. I'm married to a NYC Detective and have two children. My son will be 17 and my daughter will be 19 when we cruise. We're going with three other familys and a bunch of our kids friends. I've only cruised once before and that was on the Disney Wonder in 2004. This trip will be double the time on board and I can't wait!!! Will probably have tons of questions, as I am a "planner" and love researching and love to find out as much as I can before I leave... Thanks for the warm welcome Crissy
  10. Just wanted to introduce myself.....because I'm jumping aboard to learn about my upcoming cruise from all you experienced cruisers! I've been lurking reading alot of posts, so I figured it was time to join the fun. I hope you don't mind when I start asking away.. Can you tell I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Crissy
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