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  1. well lindie (my cousin) has gone and i'm here for her but dont worry i'm not like her i'm friendly and i hope noting my cousin has done will stop me from making new friends. will it?
  2. sorry maybe it was my fault i didn't make it clear. you need to add another line that the next person must find a rhyme with. i'll add one for you I looked across the golden waves........
  3. i know we are actually related cousins she told me about this site but says not everyone is that friendly, however, i think differently. I know what she's like and don'thold that against me i've known her longer i know exactly how she is, but i'm totally different and i'm not mad about thomson i also like costa too. your name was mentioned john she says you werent that nice to her and i hope she doesnt see me being nice to you. well if she does tough, i'm nice to everyone icluding you.
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  5. we are given some words to start a sentence about what you see "on the waves" or on a ship etc. Then the next person fills in the blank then gives some new words for the next person and so on. These are the words. While sitting on the sand i saw............ (P.S it must rhyme with the words given)
  6. Lindie pm'd me and said that she couldn't post anymore because of thost things she posted, I wont go into detail, so she asked me to take over, since we've become friends. So new topic I guess.... Subject- Colors Letter- G
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  8. The smell of fresh air............ Revealing all the seas glory
  9. i remember the title its called the MS. HAUNTED. I don't know where to find one though. i got it for my birthday ages ago.
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  11. I've read about a mini- cruise from new orleans (4 day) for about $400 per person. I'll try to find out more for you if I can remember where I read it, terrible memory! :rolleyes:
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