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  1. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I haven't been here in a while so it was a nice surprise to see the posts. I appreciate it. Jenn
  2. Have a fantastic voyage! See you when you return!
  3. I would LOVE for the next cruise to be next year, but I think I'm pushing it. If it were just me and my husband, I'd book now. But we promised the kids we'd take them the next time. We need at least a year to save up for all of us to go! But there is definitely a cruise in our future!
  4. I want to thank you all for your well wishes for not only our cruise but our anniversary as well. I apologize for the delay in replying, as I didn't check the site before we left and didnt even think about reading this far back once we returned! DUH! We had a fantastic voyage and our anniversary was spectacular. We spent the day in Cozumel that day and ended up having room service dinner along with a bottle of champagne. It was perfect!! Can't wait to cruise again soon!
  5. We just returned Sunday from our first cruise. It was amazing and I can certainly see how you all get so addicted. It's the only way to travel. We did a 7 day W. Caribbean aboard the M/S Westerdam of Holland America. It was a beautiful ship, only a year or so old. The crew was fabulous, the accommodations VERY spacious (we had a verandah cabin) and the food was fantastic. I gained six pounds! HA! I had very few, if any, complaints. We visited Half Moon Cay, Ocho Rios (not my favorite by any means), Grand Cayman and Cozumel. I'll do a ship review later on but let's just say I cannot WAIT to book another. I am thinking the next one will have to involve my children. They would have had a blast. But it was very nice to experience our first cruise alone to see the ins and outs of cruising. HAL was an excellent host and I would highly recomend sailing with this company and on this ship. FANTASTIC!
  6. I would laugh at this if it weren't so true. I've been back only four or five days and I can't think about anything but booking my next cruise. I want to sleep all the time and it's all I can talk about when I'm awake! It's truly an illness!! I NEED ANOTHER CRUISE!!!
  7. I, too, am going through cruise withdrawals. It's such a downer to come back to reality. I haven't booked another cruise yet, but I fully intend to do so. I'm officially hooked. We had the best time and hated for it to end. Just knowing that there are fellow PCDS sufferers out there with me is helping. I've only been home for four days but I'm already ready to go back out!
  8. Should we take traveler's checks with us in addition to some cash for tips, etc? I know we will use a credit card for our shipboard account, but I didn't know how much we'll need actual cash on board the ship or in port? And when in port, will restaurants/stores/etc take traveler's checks? What's the best combination of to use with respect to $$? Thanks!
  9. Oh have fun! I am so excited for the day to get here and am ready to go NOW! :wink: Looking forward to chatting with you when we both return!
  10. I want to thank you all for your wonderful advice and welcome. It's nice to be here. I've looked at a few cruise reviews on the other HAL ships and it looks like we chose well. We're in our late 30's/early 40's so I hope we're not the "youngin's" on board, but oh well if we are! We're not big on partying into the wee hours so I think we'll fit right in. Thanks again for the warm welcome! I look forward to great conversation about cruising!
  11. Well I will certainly do what I can to make sure I give you a thorough review! Thanks for the welcome!!
  12. Hey all! I just discovered this site last night and am very excited. My husband and I are going on our first cruise on March 13. We're doing a 7 day Western Caribeean on Holland America's newest ship, the Westerdam. I have found one review of the ship in my reading but because it is so new, there isn't much out there yet. It was just commissioned last April, I believe. We are definitely using the packing list we found on this site, it's fantastic! Thank you! Our ports of call are Half Moon Cay (HAL's private island), Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Ocho Rios, and Cozumel. Any good suggestions on what to see and what to stay away from would be appreciated. We've booked shore excursions through the cruise line already. Thanks in advance for any advice you could give this first time cruiser! Jenn :cool:
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