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  1. Hi All, Does anyone know anything about alcohol packages on cruises? I have heard from some people that there is a way to get a package with a certain amount of people on Norwegian. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Thanks John G, I am beginning to think that Norwegian is very strict. Not even worth trying to get some liquor on board.
  3. Thanks all, that is what I figure also. We were talking about and I thought I would throw it out there!
  4. Yes I feel fortunate that we will be going to three islands. So we gained one more island then the first cruise. Not sure what we will do there but I am sure we will find something! I have to agree this has been an interesting post and the moderator has been fantastic! I live in the New York area and right now it is freezing so I am counting down the days till my cruise to soak up the sunshine Quick question to all you cruisers out there. Has anyone brought Alcohol on board? Or do they stop you? Thanks for all the help
  5. It makes three stops, Bermuda, Tortola, St.Thomas. I am excited, I have never been to any one of these places. We are not huge sight seers, give me a beach and a drink and I am very happy The cruise that were displaced from was going to the Bahamas and Bermuda, so we get one more stop now. Any suggestion for these islands would be greatly appreciated:smile:
  6. Yes everyone has been so helpful. I have been following my cruise story in all my local papers. After the fact alot of people went to the press. No one else received the deal that we received and I have written the editors that perhaps these other displaced cruisers should look into it. Why not share the wealth!!! In any case I am off to get my passports done this week and starting to look in all the stores at all the nice things to buy for my cruise. As I had said prior my daughter will be cruising the same cruise in March so I anxiously await her return to hear all about it. Of course it might be slightly tainted as she is a college student! Once again thank you all for your support. Even with all the different opions this thread has been an enormous help!!
  7. I totally agree, we can all agree to disagree. The support that I have felt from this forum lets me know that there are always people out there to help each other.
  8. Its just amazing how the people who keep these cruise lines in business 51 out of the 52 weeks treat us. It just does not seem right. It just seems like at any moment when someone with big bucks comes along its screw the little people and hello rich and powerful
  9. I was so hoping that someone else from this cruise would reach out to me. Like I have said in my above forums I have such a bad taste in my mouth for Norwegian, but my party still wanted to go on a cruise and we could not find anything for the same price we were getting. I cant believe that you have known this for this long as we just found out a week ago. It is just amazing on how disgusting this has all turned out. When i asked Norwegian about bad publicity their reply was we dont have any yet, like I told the women on the phone, yet is the operative word. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful trip on Carnival, where is it leaving from? As it is right now we are booked on the Norwegian Spirit leaving the 7th and arriving back one day later. We still have time to pull back our deposit so anything can happen. Please keep in touch and let me know if you find anything else out. Thanks for replying
  10. So here is an update. Today in the New York Daily News there was an article about a displaced couple who had booked on the same ship as I did. They had 8 cabins reserved and some of the guests were flying into new york. The problem I had with the article was that it bashed Rosie, hey all Rosie did was call and ask, the blame should be put on Norwegian. Shame on them for disrupting so many peoples plans. I wrote to the editor to tell them my story and the solution that we came to, perhaps it could help this couple.
  11. Yes I agree, everyone is not going to have the same opinion. Some like things that other dont. I could have a great time and someone else might not. The thing we cant lose sight of is we are all here to help each other. I feel great that we did not back down to NCL, I feel like we won one for the little guy. I will definatley keep posting, and will let everyone know how my cruise was. Still months away but atleast its months away and not forever gone! Happy Cruising!
  12. Jacketwatch, Sure this was wrong, it can happen on any cruise line. Why do people have to bad mouth NCL, I'm cruising with NCL in May for the first time. I see spotty reviews for all cruise lines. I think your MEAN to say Rosie or anyone to have some bad experiences on NCL or any cruiseline. I see why I go on this CruiseCrazies Forum very FEW and FAR between. Also, I not a big fan of Rosie. she has a big mouth. I been on RCCL VOS, and hated it!! this doesn't mean I wouldn't try another RCCL ship. I am sure you will have a great time. I have heard mixed reviews about every cruise line. I think that NCL was highlighted here because they were the ones that said yes to Rosie, it was up to them to say no we have already sold to the public. I also think that any vacation is what you make of it. We are going with 4 other families and I for one intend to make it a great vacation! Since we dont vacation often, I am moving forward and looking forward to our trip! I hope you have a great sailing in May, what ship are you sailing on? The rich and famous will always be the rich and famous as for Rosie, apparently what she wants she gets. Like I said before she can have the Dawn, I have the Spirit and will have a great time on that
  13. Yes I did not have much faith in NCL especially after I spoke to a representative and all she kept telling me was it was business. I tried to explain that I work in a business and our customers come first and keep us in business. But in the long run they did the right thing. I feel bad for the others that were displaced like us. I kinda feel like alot of the others probably took the $100.00 credit and just said ok. I feel like we did not back down and we forced NCL to do the right thing. Just goes to show you that corporations will try to do the least possible unless their backs are against the wall. Once again heres to the little guy and to all the "Spirit" we have!!!!
  14. Thank you so much for the information. As I have never freestyled before and only have a short cruise under the belt this is all so helpful. If we wanted to eat in the main dining rooms and not the speciality ones do we have to make reservations for that? Can you tell me out of the speciality ones what one you liked? I kinda wish my cruise was sooner I am getting so excited once again, all thanks to all the support I received from this forum!!!
  15. Thank you so much. All of you are so great. I am starting to get excited again. So just to clarify, if we want to eat in one of the speciality restaurants we should do that when we board on the first day, but if we want to eat in the main dining room we are good to just show up. I understand between certain hours I would think 6-8 that it is crowded. I have only been on one cruise before and it was not freestyle. The freestyle attracted us since we are traveling with teenagers. If anyone knows teenagers they go at their own pace! Our new adventure will be going to New York, New York; Kings Wharf, Bermuda; Tortola, British Virgin Islands; St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands; New York, New York, anyone have any suggestions of good things to do in these ports? Once again thanks for all your help! We will have a better time on the Spirit because you cant hold the little guy back!!! Rosie and crew can have the Dawn we now have the Spirit!
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