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  1. The elation, 5 nights grand turk(deep water fishing),half moon cay, nassau (Atlantis tour and pirate museum)its 5 days now!!
  2. Ok its only 15 days till we cruise, 14 till we fly out, I am so excited it will be the first time to fly/cruise first "real" vacation weve been on. I can't wait, Its making me crazy.
  3. I agree, kids toys are the worst. they don't want that Barbie to move at all. But light bulbs on the other hand Come in a flimsy cardboard sleve with holes in it so you can see the bulb???
  4. Can you bring alcohol onboard carnival? we don't like wine, but were wondering about a bottle of kaluaha or some beers? to drink in our room.
  5. Hello, I wanted to share this with any pet lovers, watch for signs of kidney failure. aol news
  6. Hubby and I wanted to rent the two man aqua boats its like $200.00 for 2.5 hrs. does anyone konw, can we go any where we want? or is there a set course? Any other tips on excursions I'd love to hear any stories reviews?
  7. Hubby, 5 yr old and I are going to Nassaua. We were going to walk to the Pirates of nassau because I read some where it is only $10 for admission but if you take the carnival excursion you pay $39 you get a bus ride there and you have to walk back to the ship?(not very far) Also, I want to go to a quite beach,We want to find sea shells and build a sandcastle Any tips on a nice beach, and prices to get there? ?Blue lagoon, or another (but do not want to do dolphin/stingray encounters} I also want to go to the straw market. We'll be there 7A- 3P Will we have time?
  8. Wow, I am going on my first flight/cruise/& real vacation.I hope if there is any trouble there are some brave souls along. I agree that guy should get a free cruise.
  9. We do that when we go camping, it works so great. and there is no extra grease/ oil.
  10. Hi I know that, with coumadin, Doctors usually do weekly blood tests untill they get your levels where they want them. then its @least monthly. There is alos a filter they can put in you, it keeps clots from going to the lungs, heart, and brain. they sometimes do that along with a blood thinner, if you have a recurring problem. I'm sure you are aware of the risks of coumadin, but it really is a good drug, when you and your Dr keep tabs on your labs. I'll keep you in my prayers. Jennifer
  11. Hi, does anyone know if camp carnival is open on port days?Does it cost more? in grand turk we want to rent aqua boats to go off on our own, but our child is too young to go.
  12. cruise ship nurse.. Since I am a nurse. but do they get time off? or are they always on call?
  13. Hi is anyone going on the elation 4/14/07? or any one already gone. first time cruiser any tips?
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