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    Doesn't matter - As long as I'm on a cruise!
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    Any where in Tahiti
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    Mexico 6/86 * Mexico 2/90 * Mexico 02/94
    W. Carrib.12/98 * Tahiti 11/04 * Mexico 2/03
    Hawaii 12/06 * S Carrib. 12/07 * South America 12/09
    Alaska 07/2011


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    Landspeed Racing with my husband he holds many records and is a member of Bonneville 200 MPH Club, EL Mirage 200MPH Club, Murock 200 MPH Club.
    Taking crusies favorite time of year to cruise is New Years Eve
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    Bones/Finder/Ncis/ In Plain Sight
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    Registered Dental Assistant
  1. Do you book the travel insurance through the cruise line or from somewhere else? Has anyone had to use this insurance?
  2. My computor had problems and my son came over and fixed it so I'm back Hope everyone and there families are safe from the storms I've been watching it on tv and it is really awful . Sheri
  3. Love the cars right up my alley! I think Southern Calif is the Hot Rod and classic car place to be there are car shows every weekend somewhere. Alot of places still have cruise nights but nothing can replace the Van Nuys Blvd crusing as a teen, drag racing and the smell of nitro in the pits. Speaking of cars the 29 Roadster Tim races at El Mirage Dry Lake bed is all put back together and ready for the first meet of the year in May thats why some of my construction in the house is lagging and Tim is still finishing the shop out back like I said he has to many projects going at once last weekend I spent the day bending hanging pipe and pulling wire the excitment never ends. Welcome home debbie glad you had a good time of course who wouldn't on a cruise they are the best can't wait for my next one hope to go to the Baltic next year just waiting for the relase of dates and pricing to see if it is possible. Hope the baby shower was fun do they still do all the silly games? I just found out my niece who lives in England is having a baby girl so I just started a blanket for her never mailed anything overseas this should be interesting . I have never meet my niece , she is one of my sisters daughters . I am adopted and found my parents 6 years ago and have some contact with 2 of the sisters facebook has helped with that , but family reunions with adopted children are hard. I love grandchildren they are so cute ! Rain for tomorrow they say the fog has rolled in so maybe ????? Sheri
  4. I never removed wallpaper and sounds like a long and awful process after the paper is down do you have to prep the wall in any special way for paint? If TJ is right we need to start making a new line of maternity clothes with a hole in the belly button area for viewing. Never been to a beaches resort but it looks like it would be fun and I have wanted to go to turks area for awhile none of the cruises I have been on have gone there. Ray if you have acid reflux your teeth can be effected try pro enamel toothpaste from sensodyne my husband takes zantac 3x a day and still has a problem every now and theno drink alot more water . Don't have a kindle since Tim is a printer and prints books for a living I don't think he would like the idea . beautiful day already 70 and should get into the 80's today but they said the weekend will be only 60 with possible rain so I really don't believe the weather man this is California we don't get rain! Sheri
  5. I think the seasons are about to change Beautiful weather this week 78-80 and clear stary nights . This year is zooming by Ash Wednesday yesterday ,Easter around the corner soon I'll be shopping for Christmas again ! Tim is working 12hr a day 7 days a week right now the printing company that bought out where he works seems to have alot of new contracts. I miss him but I am very greatful his company didn't close and someone took over and he still has a job. Andi hope your surgey goes well :)) I know it is day surgery but take it easy when you get home no cartwheels feel better soon. Martha whenI think tropical , zipline and snorkeling many places come to mind , but Costa Rica was my first thought zip linning through the trees full of howler monkeys was amazing. Shari I too have a bad back and it is more painful then childbirth! So people get there hair or nails done every month I see my chriopractor for a tune-up keeps me from really ever hurting myself to much. I still move the wrong way or pick up something wrong and pull the back but the recovery time is less . Hopefully you feel better soon. Well off to work Sheri
  6. Today was a almost summer day near 80 but the sunset was just beautiful Red,orange, yellow with a hint of purple clouds we really don't get many sunsets like that in Calif. Marylou Iam not worried my husband is just like Tim the toolman over does all the projects and has to many going at once good news is I love him and relize he is this way so it will all get done someday. Have a great day tomorrow :)
  7. The changes to the site are great. The construction is not so great ! The construction started as new windows which my husband wanted to trim in oak on the inside and that has exploded into making the hallway entrance wider, drywall extending a wall ,oak trim and baseboards. I was going to save to get tile for the floor and so he decided to paint first well thank God the furniture was moved and the boxes packed he brought the airless sprayer into the house and just did the primer before I got home he didnt cover the old carpet so it was soaked and my foot sank into paint so it had to come out the overspray into the kitchen was a nightmare and had a slight melt down . The living room floor is still concrete no tile because I bought tile and Tim went and picked it up the next day while I was at work ..when I got home there were boxes of bright yellow tile in the living room which is the wrong tile wrong color and the die lots on the boxes were all different , so I had a bigger meltdown this time at the tile shop . I grabbed a piece of the tile and took it with me and the man had the nerve to tell me that was the tile I picked out and that most people wouldnt notice the die lot numbers then he told me there was a fee for return..wrong I went home had the neighbor kids load the truck drove back and well lets say I got a refund . So if this is ever done or even if it is never done I am still planning the baltic cruise summer 2013 if the world doesn't. However on a more serious note hope TJ is okay and all goes well I still get Samantha Brown travel channel stuff here also just makes me want to go somewhere everytime I watch the show. Sheri
  8. Hello everyone I haven't posted in a long time but have followed you on facebook my house has been boxed up under construction for almoust 18 mo now and my husbands progress is slowly getting on my nerves, so yesterday I unpacked some boxes and found all my passwords for all the computor stuff so Iam back! Sheri:)
  9. Hi everyboby I finally am able to log in here I tried several times and and gave up . I was keeping up on FB so I didn't even go to this site , but today I thought I would try again after createing a new password and everything I'am on. Boy the updates on here are great good job Jason. So I will stop by more often have a blessed weekend everybody
  10. wow missed alot but just wanted to stop by and say Hi Good luck to Shaunna I know you will get the job they really need you . Jenn sorry your not quite yourself I enjoy your cartoons and funny things get better soon. Falina how is Dennis job going? Jackie you make me want to go on the Emerald sounds like a gret ship and yes I did think the Oasis would cause quite a mess in port for the towns and tour operators that is one big ship , But I would like to go on the see it in person , also love the ring is it a new one ? Cheryl sorry you and Wayne are having such a tough time it is so hard to not know what is going on when you dont feel good and the doctors dont know ((hugs and Prayers))) to the rest of the gang stay safe and healthy
  11. my hair is dirty blonde and grey and when i get sun it gets lighter

  12. Steve.......Flutaphone (sp) I remember that also brings back the horrible noise just thinking about it Im not musical at all Enjoy Kevin My wild plans for weekend is my hubby working 4-4 no rest for him his work is really getting on everyones last nerve they are finding silly reasons to write up people counting the overtime minutes and making life impossible for the employees. Cheryl are you feeling better you were in the dumps for awhile , did the tests go well at the doctor its been awhile since i loged on so hope all went well. off to the tax person hate it hate taxes hate ;paying while so many are just getting a welfare check in this state.
  13. Well the docs are full of great news Jenn wonderful news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shauna yippee no gary soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ride the balloon sounds fun Falina cool wish I had spring break I'm jelious now you will have more time to practice bejewled Mary Lou rebuens yummy making me hungry , and I thought the cruise was this year so I'll keep watching and see what happens I sort of have to go when my boss is on vacation I'm the only dental assistant and she can't work without me and they isn't much for me to do when she is gone and I am there so we try to go on vacation same time. So far it has worked out for 24 years together. Jackie your boss is a nut job wow he can't tell you where to eat do you have a new hire manuel or something with these crazy rules in it , if not do your own thing . Does he have a superviser or something set up a web cam tape his little split personally and show someone above him. I have a patient who had a boss who treatened her said he would kill herbecause she got promoted little did he know her hubby is good friends with Gloria Aldrid they sued his a** and the company. Ray you sound like a proud pappa with your students they are lucky to have you as there teacher good luck with the concerts Yes the picture looks like alot of places when you travel you find out the world isnt much different , every place has it's beauty and each holds special memorys for each of us.
  14. Love the new avatar pic Sheri.....what happened to the blonde hair? I know how that goes, as of yesterday, mine is almost red with some strawberry highlights....

  15. I did it new picture , this is from the cruise around the cape in Dec. cold and windy on deck but very beautiful. W will have our corned beef on saturday maybe if Tim doesn't work. Tim is working 4pm to 4am so we are passing in the morning I keep the bed warm until he gets home and showers then it is time for him to sleep and for me to get up . It's a lot of over time and nice after so many short weeks when the print shop didn't have work, but he is tired . Shannuna have you ever had corned beef sandwich ? same thing but with cabbage potatoes it's okay not my favorite but we have it once in awhile. Falina geez school has changed when I was a kid we had to respect the teacher or the principal could paddle your butt then your parents did the same thing and you were in troble. Hugs to all seems like everyone is waiting for spring to perk up alittle . I saw the posting for the group trip sounds fun but I have no vacation days until next year , but I am enjoying peeking in on the chatter while you all are planning . We are waiting for Princess to release the 2011 July/Aug dates for Ireland to see if we can go . I have enough credits on my princess card for one faire so hopefully it will work if not Alaska is calling me also.
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