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  1. HI Sue, Welcome to CruiseCrazies!    I see your favorite ship is the Caribbean Princess.  Coincidentally, we are discussing a group cruise for Fall 2019 to Canada/New England on the Caribbean.  That is one Princess ship that I have not sailed yet so would love to hear why it is your favorite (and very glad to hear that it IS!)   Check out our group cruise page in the Social section of the Boards!

    1. iowagal


      Mostly the size.  I went on the Royal in January and while it is a beautiful ship, there were things about it I didn't like mainly the lack of pools and balcony size.  Balconies are tiny unless you get one that juts out a bit.  We were on the Dolphin deck on the CB in June and I love the larger balcony, it also has more pools.  It was my 6th time on this ship. I'm going on the Grand in January so I may like that one even better since it is a bit smaller.  I don't like the trend to larger and larger ships.  

    2. AndiD


      Thanks for sharing, Sue!  I am not a big fan of the bigger ships either.  I loved Alfredo's, the ice cream parlor and the bakery in the buffet on the Royal, but agree that the balcony was tiny and no aft pool.  We were on the Grand many years ago and I remember liking it very much.  My favorite Princess ship so far is the Coral - we did the Canal on her as a CruiseCrazies group cruise this past April.  Hope you will join in some of our boards and be sure to list your upcoming cruise(s) on our roll call board!

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