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Dinning in the ships main restaurants



Unlike before, things have changed on the Princess cruise ships in regards to ‘casual dining in the main restaurants.’  This was originally organised when you booked your cruise with your travel agent, or your cruise coordinator; but now you have to organise it yourself through the Princess app on your mobile device.

As well as ‘the Sabatini Italian restaurant, and the crown Grill; ‘the grand Princess also has three casual dining rooms: ‘DaVinci, Michelangelos, and Botticelli.’  These restaurants are located on decks five, and six on the ship.  The service times are ‘5pm to 11:40 pm’ at night.  

To book, you can either: 

  • go to the ‘journey’ link on the apps  homepage.  Scroll down to ‘Explore dining options,’ pick a restaurant, (any restaurant), and then to decide what dinner seating you want via the Princess app.  
  • Or go with the simpler option.  Click on the ‘time’ link in the Explorer dining options page, choose either ‘specialty or main, pick either a specialty, or 
  • a main restaurant, choose a dinner time for every night, click on either ‘private or shared,’ and then click on the save button at the bottom of the screen.

Cruising may have changed a bit because of Covid, but the delicious meals in the casual and specialty restaurants on board the ship haven’t.  So enjoy your meals, and bon appétit.



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