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Changes NOW at Princess Cruises



On Sunday, 17 March 2024 I boarded the grand Princess cruise at Station Pier Wharf for a two week Queensland Round Trip.  Although cruising is back after the loooooong lockdown period; Princess Cruises has really stripped everything back to the basics.  These are just some of the changes I noticed straight away when I boarded the ship for my 2024 cruise.

Your Cabin:

In your cabin; you no longer get a love heart chocolate treat on your pillow every night, your PJ’s placed nicely, or a complimentary Carry bag for the cruise.  You now need to supply or purchase your own.  

At the Restaurants:

You now book your own Restaurant and seating for the cruise.  This is no longer arranged by your travel agent.  At the restaurants there’s no longer a bread basket in the centre of your table.  The wait staff now offer you one roll for your meal.  You also sit now sit at different tables, and with different people every night.

Ordering drinks:

Purchasing drinks can now be done via the Medallion app, and you now need to supply your own straws; because Princess cruises now longer supplies these with your drink.  If you’re watching a great movie, or don’t want to leave your spot, you can also choose to have the staff bring your drink to you for an additional charge of $23 (AUS).  


Princess cruises no longer hosts specialty (on board) events designed for ‘Captain Circle members,’ or shows afternoon movies in the ships main theatre.  All the movies are now shown (night and day) on the big screens on the pool deck 


Although some passengers still get the coloured tags; most passengers are now required to take their own luggage off the ship with them when they disembark.

Despite all the changes; it’s great to have the ships on the ocean, and cruising back once again.


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