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We had such a great time on 2017 and 2018 group cruises, let's plan one bigger and better than the last. This is the time and place to toss out some ideas and get a feel for what everyone would like - destination, ship, cruise line, dates, number of days, etc.... So start talking!

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  2. ExpatCruise

    First topic!

    Sounds like a great trip Jan, never done a river cruise in Europe. Have done a few here in SE Asia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, one was on a very nice small river ship the other two, short two day trips I thought I would be swimming the river boats were so old. Would like to try a try cruise line like Viking River Cruises but on the Sun Princess at the time of your trip. You will have a great time I believe.
  3. Some of you may remember my brother, Norm and his wife Dana. They have booked their first river cruise for next fall, specifically, Oct. 5, 2019, 7-day Viking Rhine Getaway, Basel to Amsterdam, with 2-day pre-cruise extension in Lucerne. I'm planning on joining them with my daughter, Jenn, because I can't convince David to go. Anyone want to join us and make it a 2019 Crazies Cruise? October is a popular month, and ship is filling up, so let me know. Otherwise, I'm afraid that with our early summer Paris plans, two weeks on Cape Cod and the Viking Cruise, my vacation time is all taken for 2019.
  4. ExpatCruise

    First topic!

    All your choices look great and whatever one you pick will be a great cruise I m sure. I know it will not happen but have you ever thought about doing a Asian Group Cruise? Some really good cruises on Princess from Japan and Taipei . A Eight day cruise combine with some land time at the starting port would make for a nice 2 weeks with air travel days include. Japan is a great place to visit.
  5. We would go with this...
  6. So, getting back to it, I’m looking at the Sky Princess, the 7-day 12/7 cruise to the W. Caribbean. The itinerary isn’t as exciting as the Sky’s Mediterranean but it’ll be a great opportunity to cruise a brand new ship and for a lot less than the Med.
  7. You'd think that a community full of cruisers would have no trouble agreeing on a cruise - LOL!🤣
  8. We would not be opposed to this pick - we sailed on the Sapphire to the Mexican Riviera and it is a beautiful ship! And we have not been to any of the ports on this itinerary...
  9. Thanks for all the work put into the research Jan but we're going to have to bow out of this cruise for a few reasons. First we have done this itinerary (except for Kotor) numerous times (you will absolutely love Dubrovnik.... stunning), secondly we do not like to vacation in the summer, especially to countries where there is little or no air conditioning, thirdly we avoid flying during summer school vacation time, don't like the high fares, and then the main reason is that we will be doing a safari to South Africa at the end of summer 2019, which will be just a couple of months after this cruise - and that means saving $$$$$$'s. Very sorry but it is a fabulous itinerary and we loved the sister ship the Legend of the Seas.
  10. Jan, thanks for this research. I'm afraid my list is slightly different. Of course I would like to sail the Edge, but price wise in combination with the itinerary and duration it's not really tempting. My first choice would be Sapphire, round trip Southampton and second Rhapsody, both because of the itinerary. The other options not so much. I'm a spoiled brat, cause I've been there a couple of times.
  11. Santorini is the only one on this itinerary we have done - it was incredibly beautiful, wasn’t it! I’d look forward to getting to Venice, finally, and I hear Dubrovnik is beautiful. The approach to Kotor sounds amazing. I’m very excited ... is anyone else? Let’s hear it, everyone - what do you think of Greece & Croatia, 7-night Rhapsody of the Seas, June 1st?
  12. LOVE it! Great minds think alike, ha! We have not sailed Rhapsody either; ended our Med cruise in Venice and would love more time there. Kotor, Montenegro is absolutely beautiful, especially sailing into it - like going through a Norwegian fjord...and have even looked into hotels on Santorini, we love it that much! Have never been to Dubrovnik or Katakolon!
  13. LOL- great minds think alike. 😀 I printed it up the options this morning so David could look them over, and he called me, reciting them off in the same order as you did. 🙂 Have not sailed Rhapsody and haven’t been to most of the ports either. So, that would be my first choice, as well!
  14. Jan - thanks for researching these - here is the order of my preferences with #1 being the most preferred: 1. Greece & Croatia - Rhapsody 2. Italy/Greece - Emerald 3. Sapphire, roundtrip Southampton 4. Greek Isles - Jewel 5. Med - Edge We would definitely go in on 1, 2, or 3; #4 is a possibility; #5 for us would probably be out since we have basically done that itinerary. This is definitely getting exciting to think about - so let's hear more feedback!
  15. So, time to get serious! I am looking at Europe, late May to early June, which works well for David's schedule, and I don't really want to leave the poor guy behind. These are 7-day cruises, which I think might attract more people, especially if they want to spend a few days before or after the cruise exploring their own land options. Here is an Italy/Greece, 7-day cruise on Emerald Princess, Athens to Barcelona, June 1st. Has 2 sea days for some down time. Here is a 7-night Greek Isle with 2 sea days, as well, Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas, round-trip from Rome. How about 7-night Sapphire Princess, round trip from Southhampton, Spain and France, May 25th. Or Greece & Croatia, 7-night Rhapsody of the Seas, June 1st Lastly, there is the Celebrity Edge Rome to Barcelona, 7 nights, Mediterranean, June 15th, which is pretty much the same itinerary I just did, but would definitely do it again, especially since it's an exciting new ship. However, the price is pretty steep. Any thoughts?
  16. I won't do Carnival, Costa and MSC either. And after 2015 I won't do P&O anymore. Princess and Celebrity without a doubt and my experience on the Norwegian Spirit was also good. Royal Carribbean a little less, but not a definite no. I guess that depends on itinerary, ship (no Navigator) and price I guess.
  17. You are right - I won't do Carnival and would not be fond of Costa or MSC, but certainly will do Royal Caribbean and am willing to try NCL; in addition, of course, to Princess and Celebrity. We can eliminate Holland since Miranda isn't too keen on that one. And agreed - up to 12 days is probably a good idea!
  18. Also, I think to attract more Crazies, we should consider limiting a cruise to 12 days, as not everyone here is retired, has the job flexibility or the budget for a longer cruise.
  19. Since we’re talking cruise lines, which lines would you absolutely not want to sail on our Crazies cruise? So far, we’ve considered HAL, Princess, and Celebrity. I’m pretty confident that no one is interested in Carnival, but what are your thoughts on Royal Caribbean and NCL? Miranda, what did you think of NCL on your one cruise with them?
  20. Well I can't argue with you there - Holland is definitely more sedate, lol!
  21. Celebrity is also good, but for me it's more expensive than Princess. But maybe when we book through Jan, it will be different. I don't really want to sail the Koningsdam anymore. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time, but it's not as vibrant as the others.
  22. I'll throw out a few more to consider: If we liked the Koningsdam, there are some nice 12-night itineraries in the Med -concentrating on Spain or Greece/Adriatic at good price points: for example: a 12-night, roundtrip Rome that overnights in Barcelona, departing on 6/12 (or in Aug.) There are others as well. The lower cost might encourage more people to join. A 12-night Greek Isles cruise on the Celebrity Infinity, departing 5/29 or on the Reflection departing on 9/30 or a 9-night Dalmation Coast & Italy departing on 5/31 on the Celebrity Constellation... These are some of the older ships, but again, might encourage more people with the lower cost... Just throwing out ideas....
  23. If we like the idea of Antarctica, we also might look at Celebrity's offerings; they have a 14-night roundtrip Buenos Aires that looks like it hits a bit more of Antarctica.....a little better price point as well with two departure dates on the Eclipse.
  24. Miranda - you are right - this cruise leaves on January 5, 2020, from Santiago, Chile; it is 16 days, goes down to the Antarctic Peninsula and back up to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I think it cruises in the Antarctic, not thinking that it lands...but still.... And yes, it is on the Coral Princess - my new favorite ship! I would be SO in on this one!
  25. I just read somewhere that Princess is going to Antarctica (Coral Princess for instance) at the end of 2019 beginning of 2020. I think that will be a great group cruise for 2020! Who's with me?
  26. We are on the Edge in February, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't sail her again, lol! I do love this itinerary - price is a bit steep...but that is to be expected for a new ship.... I think we would consider this one - 2019 is our 45th anniversary so could justify a nice cruise like that, ha!

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