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    Carnival Sunshine Sept 14, 2019

    My wife and I will be on this cruise, can’t wait!!!
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    Hello Everyone, I am so excited to go on my second cruise with Carnival this coming Nov 24. Hopefully it will be very family friendly since my DD 8yrs will be with me. Do reply if you are going 🙂 Cant wait to meet everyone Anita
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    This is a great list, Jason. Thanks! I'll keep them in mind for a future trip to Barcelona.😎 I can't believe it's been nearly 2 years since this cruise. As much as I love the relaxation of the Caribbean, nothing compares to the culture and WOW factor you get in Europe!
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    Come sail with us! 🛳️ This will be a totally relaxing cruise on a NEW Princess ship. 10 Days, one way from New York City to Fort Lauderdale. Just three fabulous ports - Aruba, St. Maarten, and St. Kitts, with 6 glorious sea days, plenty of time to immerse yourself in all the activities on board. For more information or to reserve your cabin, go to: Sky Princess 11/05/20-Reserve Now AND - for a limited time - take advantage of Princess Cruises' Anniversary Sale. You'll receive TWO free bottles of wine, dinner at a specialty restaurant, $300 ONBOARD CREDIT, a FREE stateroom location upgrade. Book by December 10, 2019, to receive this offer!
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    guszet, Welcome to CruiseCrazies!

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    Welcome to www.australiancruisingnews.com.au we are back ! We are the Home of Australian Cruising! We focus on the ships that are based and homported in Australian waters every Australian Cruising season. Australian Cruising News are proud to be independent of the cruise lines and do not offer bias reviews or opinions of cruise lines or their ships, we are not like some other media outlets that are online or operate though social media outlets . Every review and opinion is strictly our own. This is something we are very proud of. So for independent opinions and reviews and the latest cruising news, come and join our cruising community. We are on our website, facebook, instagram and many other social media sites .
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    Thanks to all the authorities for making the right decision. Passengers must be so relieved to finally be heading home after such an ordeal. Wishing them a safe trip home! In the meantime, wishing the remaining 26 quarantined on board with mild symptoms a speedy recovery, and thinking of the families of the four deceased.
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    Thanks for sharing Jan, will help promote on social media as well.
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    GRAND PRINCESS - 8/21/21

    And what a deal it was! Thanks for not letting the current gloom and doom get you down and thinking ahead to better times. 😁🛳👏
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    Certainly a sight we don’t see every day. But don’t let COVID-19 prevent you from looking to the future. Let’s get beyond the gloom and doom and plan something for fall or 2021. The virus may take a hit on personal finances, but even having a 3-day cruise to look forward to will be uplifting!
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    MSC Cruise Lines

    We have friends who cruised MSC last year and they loved it. They especially liked the food and service in the dining room. if they would stage a ship in NOLA we would probably book just to try something new.
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    Welcome, SunnyD ! See you around!

    Welcome, SunnyD! See you around!
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    With us I think they will remain a virgin!
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    Celebrity Apex Oct. 21, 2021 Transatlantic

    Would love to, it sounds amazing! But our Crazies Viking cruise is eating up my budget.🤣
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    Desperate situations call for desperate measures!😄 Other reports mentioned they ordered 2 cases, and this was just the first drop. Cheers!😎👍🛳🍷🍷🍷🍷
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    Well I would say they are making the best of it, right?!
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    An Australian couple quarantined on a cruise ship due to the deadly coronavirus kept the party flowing by getting a drone to deliver wine straight to their cabin. Jan and Dave Binskin, from Queensland, have chronicled their journey of boredom and booze while stranded on the Diamond Princess ship off the coast of Tokyo for the past week. “Quarantined on the Diamond Princess in Yokohama Japan now into Day 6 of 14 we are confined to our cabin,” the couple wrote on their Facebook account while posing with masks. “[We] get let out every 4/5 days for 1 hour walk on the deck we are well and in good spirits so far would appreciate any local news.” Although the Aussie couple had an ocean view — the seas were getting rocky and the Binskins needed some vino. “Our view for the next 13 days or maybe 28 as they just found another 10 positive and are taking them ashore 😡😡,” they wrote on Wednesday along with an image of the seas. The couple then reached out to the Naked Wine Club and — much to their delight — received two bottles of Pinot Noir that was delivered to their cabin door by drone. “Naked Wine Club you’re incredible. Just got the first drop,” they wrote on Friday along with an image of Dave lounging on the bed donning a mask and holding a glass of their finest. “Thank God for drones, the Japanese Coast Guard did not know what the fu– was going on.” The Diamond Princess was floating off the coast with about 3700 people aboard as the entire vessel was held under two-week quarantine since they arrived back at the port of Yokohama. A man who disembarked in Hong Kong had been diagnosed with the virus. The Binskins, and their wine, will be stuck on the ship for another 8 days. “New update on Masks,” the couple wrote on Monday with an image of their new face protection. By Joe Tacopino, New York Post Re-posted on CruiseCrazies.com - Cruise News, Articles, Forums, Packing List, Ship Tracker, and more For more cruise news and articles go to https://www.cruisecrazies.com
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    MSC Cruise Lines

    Oh thanks for your interest. I will defiantly make a post about my experience on here about the MSC cruise line,
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    Welcome, Robbie ! See you around!

    Welcome, Robbie! See you around!
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    Oh what the heck, I’ll take the $240,000 owner’s suite. If I could afford a luxury world cruise, why not go for it all!
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    Sky Princess

    Not yet, but as you can see from my signature, CruiseCrazies is cruising the Sky Princess in November. I hope you enjoy her! Please tell us all about the ship and your experience when you return so we all know what to expect!😎🛳
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    Excited to announce the launch of TravelCrazies.com - Featuring the most interesting, entertaining and helpful travel content such as tips, news, videos, articles and more … All focused on travel including destinations, the traveling lifestyle, food & drink from across the globe, video segments and more. While CruiseCrazies has always focused specifically on the cruise industry, TravelCrazies as the name implies, tremendously broadens the scope of content we can now deliver. CruiseCrazies IS NOT going anywhere. TravelCrazies simply complements our existing online community which has been online since 2001. Read more on the history of CruiseCrazies here. Because our new sister site is purely content based, there is no membership necessary. TravelCrazies is one of three additional sites that have been launched, as part of the new Crazies Network. The other sites are FoodCrazies (Delicious Recipes including Entrees, Healthy, Vegetarian, Vegan, Dessert and more) and FitCrazies (Fitness Tips, Workouts, Healthy Eating, Sports Medicine and more). Examples of recently published content on TravelCrazies: 20 Best Places to Visit in 2020 US airlines are set for a 10th year of profits Inside China’s luxury hotel boom Delta partners with Wheels Up, creating one of the world’s largest Confessions of a private jet flight attendant The hot new island-hopping destination Desert hunting with the world’s fastest bird Your Guide to Responsible Travel to Thailand Please check out TravelCrazies today and share with friends, family and coworkers!
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    Thank you, this is great information to have but I hope that I never need it.
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    This is great news! I have been longing for a return to smaller ship builds, and I love that NCL is offering a variety of ship styles to suit its customers. Still, 3,300 passengers is still pretty big, and it would even be better if we saw a 2,000 passenger ship appear down the line. There has to be a ceiling for “biggest ship in the world”, right?
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    How refreshing! Let’s hear it for the Ladies of the Ocean!😁
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    In a 12-hour evolution several months back, the Boskalis semi-submersible heavy lift ship BOKA Vanguard successfully floated the cruise ship Carnival Vista aboard in order to facilitate repairs at a shipyard in the Bahamas. The BOKA Vanguard is the largest vessel of her type, and she has enough capacity to lift and carry the 4,000 passenger Carnival Vista. The Vista is experiencing technical difficulties with her azipods, and she needs to be drydocked in order to carry out the repairs. After the loss of Grand Bahama Shipyard's largest floating drydock in April, the nearest conventional solution for drydocking a vessel of Vista's size would be overseas - but the Vanguard could come right to the site. She will serve as a temporary drydock while repairs are carried out, and the Vista will only be out of service for 17 days and three sailings. The cruise ship is expected to resume her normal schedule later in the month. Watch the video to see a time-lapse summary from beginning to end. It's INCREDIBLE! By The Maritime Executive Re-posted on CruiseCrazies.com - Cruise News, Articles, Forums, Packing List, Ship Tracker, and more For more cruise news and articles go to https://www.cruisecrazies.com View full article
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    DAILY DOCK for November, 2019

    Jan and Andi...Sorry about your trees. It's a sad thing to lose your trees. Miranda...you went to the theater. I bet you had lot of fun there. They wrote the whole play, the lyrics, & the music. Wow! Ray...I wish we were next door neighbors, so you two could hang out together. Thank you for saying that. I've been kind of down a little, but you just raised me up. I hope you and Yuki are doing ok. I will pray for you. You are the kindness man I've met. Except for my Marc. LOL Hi to Falina, & Jackie, too
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    Daily Dock for OCTOBER, 2019

    Laurie, is the best of mom's. She takes them to piano, they take them to soccer, she takes them to basketball. She takes them to all the things. They take them to the Twins game. She's wonderful. I better take it slow because I have a headache. All the recipes are making me get a headache. I'm going though some recipes for a long time, it's time for a rest.
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    Hey Andi, He just booked it and he'll be sailing October 11th a roundtrip from Rome for 10 days. I told him you sailed the Edge already and he could imagine you did 😉
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    HI Larry, I know Jan will try to help explain your airplane questions but on the subject of Quebec....I highly recommend it! We spent two days there prior to the cruise, and then overnighted there on the cruise and it still was not enough. The atmosphere with everyone out strolling, especially in the evening, with street entertainers, art vendors, sidewalk cafes, the lights overlooking the seaway....it is magical. And taking the funicular between upper town and lower town seems so quaint and old-fashioned. And you alight on a pedestrian cobblestone street lined with little boutiques, ice cream shops and restaurants. It is so rich in history as well and the scenery...wow! Yes...we will go back!
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    Hi Gibber, Welcome back to the Dock! I joined CruiseCrazies in May 2012, and if we chatted, I don’t remember. They do say the mind is the first to go! Anyway, we’re glad you’re back! We’ve had quite a few regulars who lost interest over the past few years, and sadly, a few are dealing with serious illnesses or have passed away. Happily, a few other friends have joined the Dock again, so we are happy to see the conversation picking up here. We have had a couple of small group cruises in the past few years, and have another planned on the new Sky Princess in November 2020. Please join us! You’ll find all the info here: https://7seajourneys.com/mbg/8443-2/ In the meantime, have a great time making plans for your birthday cruise on Carnival Liberty!
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    Hello everyone! Just stopping by to wave. Some of you may remember me. It's been probably 6 years since I followed the Daily Dock. I have become re-obsessed with cruising after that 6 year hiatus and sailed in June on the Carnival Magic with my step-daughter and her husband, plus 5 of the their friends. I had a great time and have just booked a solo cruise over my birthday in Feb. 2020 on the LIberty. Hope everyone is enjoying life and much sunshine. God Bless,
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    Great pictures and thanks for sharing. Will have to visit this place.
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    Jan thanks for the invite but we have to work around daughters work schedule and she wants to do more than be at sea. Maybe another one later on. Yes she excited and she had to rub it in that she got hers first. Glad your bbq went off well. Have a great day!!
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    Well, let me get out my crystal ball...🤣 In all honesty, the Atlantic can be cold and rough in the fall or it can be beautiful. Sounds like a typical weather forecast, doesn’t it! On our Halloween cruise north to Canada last fall, it was beautiful with very little motion. Fortunately, we’re heading south and not across the pond, and will only have to worry about getting tossed around for the first few days. Let’s pray to the weather gods that they bless us with calm seas and sunny skies.🙂
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    Great Review, Jan - mine will be coming up shortly!
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    Daily Dock for August

    We're doing well Falina. Thanks. My son has left Washington state and started a job in Boulder, CO so we're happy to have him home. And we've taken in an exchange student from Spain for the year, so just as the nest was getting empty, another bird showed up. 😂
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    Carnival Sets Largest Bermuda Season Ever

    I sure do wish a Carnival ship would cruise out of Boston to Bermuda, giving us a change from the same weekly Norwegian cruises. Haven't been a huge fan of Carnival, but I'd be willing to give them another try for a close-to home port!
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    Welcome, Meprettye ! See you around!

    Welcome, Meprettye! See you around!
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    Daily Dock for July 2019

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    Welcome, tweetie ! See you around!

    Welcome, tweetie! See you around!
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    Roll Call NCL Dawn August 3, 2019

    Some new cruisers going! Looking forward to it!
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    TORONTO- June 11, 2019 – Virgin Group Founder Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Voyages President and CEO Tom McAlpin announced the appointment of Captain Wendy Williams as Master of Scarlet Lady. When Captain Williams takes the helm of Scarlet Lady in spring 2020, she will become the first Canadian woman to be captain of a ship for a major cruise brand. The company also announced a brand-new lineup of itineraries for their premier 2020 season. “Captain Wendy’s extensive maritime background makes her an excellent choice to lead the Scarlet Lady, but it is her spirit and drive to approach life at sea differently that make her the perfect fit to join the Virgin Voyages family,” said Tom McAlpin, president and chief executive officer for Virgin Voyages. Originally from the coastal city of Sept-Îles, Quebec on the Northeastern coast of Canada, Captain Williams now resides on her hobby farm on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Captain Williams has more than 28 years of experience working on ships at sea. Her extensive background includes more than a decade as a deckhand in commercial fishing off the western coast of Canada as well as working as a ferryboat captain. Although she has spent more than 15 years working on the bridge of mega cruise ships, her role with Virgin Voyages will be her first promotion to Master of a cruise ship. “I have salt water in my veins and nothing brings me more joy than being at sea,” said Captain Wendy Williams. “It’s a dream come true to be working with Virgin Voyages, a company that is focused on creating an incredible experience not only for our Sailors but for our Crew as well; while also taking action to minimize our footprint on our oceans.” Just last year, Virgin Voyages announced its Scarlet Squad program, an initiative dedicated to bridging the gender gap in leadership roles across the maritime industry, where women represent less than three percent of the workforce. The program aims to recruit, support and mentor female shipboard talent, and to grow opportunities for leadership roles in marine, technical and hotel management positions on board. While Virgin Voyages is still in the early stages of the crew for Scarlet Lady, the company has already recruited Captain Williams as well as nearly a dozen other female officers, including Jill Anderson as hotel director, Christin Wenge as safety officer, Lindsay Kerber as environmental officer, among other incredibly talented female engineers as well as second and third officers. Virgin Voyages’ intention is to create an onboard environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to reach their full potential. New Voyage Offerings In response to the U.S. government’s new restrictions on travel to Cuba from the United States, Virgin Voyages has also developed an exciting lineup of new itineraries featuring destinations that its Sailors expressed interest in exploring while on a voyage aboard Scarlet Lady. Continuing the company’s mission to provide its Sailors with epic day and nighttime experiences, the all new itineraries will feature multiple late-night sail aways, including a midnight departure on all new sailings. Virgin Voyages will now offer five-night Riviera Maya sailings to Cozumel/Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Cozumel and Playa del Carmen offer opportunities for Sailors to experience some of the world’s best diving, as the area is home to 26 coral species. Sailors will also have the opportunity to explore ecological and archeological treasures, including Mayan ruins, or even opt to explore neighboring Tulum, the elevated Bohemian sanctuary with picturesque beaches and diverse nightlife. For those who just want a quick getaway, Virgin Voyages’ four-night sailings will now become Fire and Sunset Soirées including a sunset departure from Key West and a midnight departure from Bimini. Sailors will experience the cultural and boating paradise of Key West, paired with a day of rejuvenation in Bimini, Bahamas that’s topped off by an exclusive late-night beach bonfire soiree. This celebration under the stars is exclusive to these sailings, and the artistic fire installations draw inspiration from the fireball sculptures on Branson’s Necker Island and the alluring communal nature of a traditional beachside bonfire. In response to Sailor demand for longer voyages aboard Scarlet Lady, Virgin Voyages has developed special seven-night sailings for the 2020 festive holiday season. Those looking to get a jump start on their holiday planning can opt for the all-new Holidaze and Nights and New Year’s Ahoy voyages, which fall over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays respectively, and feature stops in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and late-night sail aways in both Bimini, Bahamas and San Juan, Puerto Rico. All voyages will feature a stop in Bimini, Bahamas, home to The Beach Club, a private club for Virgin Voyages Sailors while Scarlet Lady is on the island. For more information on Scarlet Lady, future Sailors and First Mates (travel partners) are invited to check out Virgin Voyages by visiting www.virginvoyages.com. Photo: Richard Branson and Wendy Williams (Virgin Voyages) (Gerry Barker is a freelance travel writer who has covered the cruise industry for 10 years, formerly with The Palm Beach Post. He and his wife Pam maintain a Cruise Blog on NorthPalmBeachLife.com) 0 Comments
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    Daily Dock for June, 2019

    Hi Jan! No, we don’t have crazies cards - I used my entertainer cards, to a small selection of really nice cruise couples. We’ve had two people who had issues with the altitude, but Yuki and I have been ok. Gotta run now, headed off to the Jokang Temple!,
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    Just to set the record straight, Towel Critters are alive and well on Norwegian, as evidenced by this photo taken last week. This was just one of many.?
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    Symphony VS Harmony

    Thank you so much I appreciate it! Symphony is definitely Royal's push to create the "perfect" cruise ship!
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    Thanks for the article, Jason. I have many food restrictions and meet with the dining staff as soon as we get on board. I have found everyone to be incredibly accommodating!
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    That’s great news – we’ll have to look a little closer at Azamara Club Cruises!
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