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  1. Ken, I too am horrified by your story. I hope by now your family is feeling much better. This type of stuff has been going on in Jamaica for years, and years. One of my vendors got married 2 weeks before I did in July of 1991. Like me, she did a honeymoon cruise. Fortunately for me she was able to tell me of the Jamaican Nightmare some of the passengers she cruised with experienced. Their ship sponsored tour bus was highjacked. Three robbers came on board with guns and knives, and took everyone's jewelry, and all their CASH. Then a couple of years ago, I heard of the same thing happening. This is one of the reasons why I carry very little cash, and only small bills when I am in the islands. I also lock all of jewerly in the room safe, and don't wear any at all when doing a tour or just walking around. As for the Jaimacan's looking terrified, I am positive many of those folks have gone through this many times.
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  4. Jeff, That is EXCELLENT NEWS. I too am looking for a new job. My company is outsourcing everything so I am bound to be given the old heave-ho soon. I hopw you LOVE the new job. BTW, 6.5 years ago I began this job. My start date was 9/14/98. My next cruise was 14 days later 9/28/98. I had a lot to celebrate. A new position, graduating from College, and cruising Hawaii & Tahiti on Princess.
  5. John, Believe it or not, the Hotel is charging $349 a NIGHT for the Hilton Riverwalk for the dates of 4/21-4/24 due to the Jazz festival. I saw folks getting the Hilton Riverwalk for $50 per night on Priceline, but it was at a slower time of the year. We bid $150 per night on a 4 star in the French Quarter and got all NO BIDS on Priceline. Then we went down to a 3 star on Priceline in both the convention area and French Quarter for $125 still no bites. My hubby booked a nice 4 star through the hotels website in the French Qtr. Hard to belive lots of hotels are already booked 6 months in advance although I know it is the Jazz Festival.
  6. Ahoy Cruisers, We will be sailing out of New Orleans on 4/24/05. We would like to know a decent HOTEL to stay in New Orleans for a couple of days, precruise, that is within close proximity to the cruise dock, and perhaps has a free shuttle. My hubby just found out N.O. is having a jazz festival during that time. Any ideas, suggestions, your experience and what you did would be appreciated.
  7. This cruise was 10 nights long and it was absolutely WONDERFUL! We live in the San Francisco Bay Area and this ship sailed from Pier 35 in San Francisco. This is the very first cruise that we didn't have to fly to our destination. Yeah! We were on board the Sapphire Princess around 11:20 a.m. The first thing we did was check out our Mini-Suite D730 on the Dolphin Deck aft. The suite was nice and roomy. We had originally booked a regular balcony, then our FANASTIC TA told us about a "Flash Sale" regarding the mini-suite so we upgraded. We couldn't pass up the price! Later when prices began to rise, and while monitoring the web for availabiltity I was dumbfounded to see internet pricing for INSIDE ROOMS more expensive than our mini-suite. In reality though, next time I would save the money and stick with a balcony. The balconies were on the higher decks. Our mini-suite's deck was completely open. The first morning after the evening of sail I walked out on our deck around 7:00 am to check out the views and the weather. I heard a very LOUD "Good Morning" from one of our neighbors on a higher deck. There is no way you could walk around au nautral. Ha,ha! The ship itself is absolutely gorgeous, and HUGE. This was our 17th cruise, so I have been on a lot of nice ships, but this one just blew all the others away. Food: 5 stars The eats were outstanding, especially the BREADS, pasta's and hot soups. Be sure to try the Warm Rice Pudding, with a Creme Bulee Topping in he Santa Fe Resturant. It is heavenly. Although we wanted Traditional Seating (like almost everyone else on this ship) we ended up with Personal Choice Dining. There are 4 resturants to chose from. We like to eat early so the first 2 days we just walked right up and got in right away. The 3rd day I called to make a reservation at one of the resturants and the conceige service told me all 4 resturants were RESERVED until 10:00 p.m. that night! After that fiasco, I called & booked the reservations for the rest of the cruise all at one time. They do hold 10-20% of the tables vacant for WALK-IN'S for the 5:30 time frame, but after that you will need to sit and wait. Service: 5 stars for the Cabin Steward ---- 4 stars for the Waiters & Assistant Waiters Ports: 5 stars for all. Catalina Island, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas, San Diego Catalina Island: It was our third time there so we walked to the Casino, and down the seaside front where there are lots of cutesy shops. Catalina is a very charming town, and not to be missed. Puerto Vallarta: It was a very HOT, OVERCAST, and Muggy. We took the ship's off the Beaten Track Tour. I had taken this last October with my Mom and our driver at that time took us up into the hills to see where the RICH & FABULOUSLY WEALTHY LIVE, then we went shopping where the locals go. That trip was much better. This time our driver did nothing special. Just took us down the waterfront, Casa Kimberly where Richard Burton and Liz Taylor lived, and shopping where the tourists hang out. I was disappointed. Having said that P.V. is a beautiful place. Mazatlan: This was the highlight of our trip. I had booked an independant tour via internet with Frank of Mazatlan Tours/Ole Tours. I had advertised on the cruise msg boards for others to join us, and were fortunate enough to have 5 other people hook up with us on this journey. Frank met us at the cruise terminal. He took us all around the island, and showed us "The Real Mexico" with all its points of interest. He has a dynamite personality, and made the tour not only fascinating, but LOTS OF FUN AS WELL. He charged us $40 p/p and it included a great lunch at a Mexican Cafe. Everyone had a terrific time, and we were all sorry to say goodbye to our new amigo Frank. For those interested I highly recommend him. Check out www.mazatlan-tours.com His personal e-mail is fkole2000###### Cabo San Lucas: It was boiling hot, humid, and totally sunny. My husband was getting overheated so we just walked around down the main drag. Cabo is a lovely city, we have been to this port twice before so we just bummed it. San Diego/La Jolla: We did the ship's excursion called Diego & La Jolla Highlights Tour. This tour is fantastic, we drove around for about 4 hours with a few stops in between. The scenery is breathtaking. San Diego and La Jolla have excellent weather year round, and our day there was a perfect one. If you want a good time, kick up your heels in old town. Disembarkation: The best we have ever experienced. Princess has instituted a winner in creating "Express Checkout." We left our bags in our room and walked off the ship with them at 7:30 a.m. Hailed a cab, got on Cal-Train and walked through our front door at 10:15 a.m. Summary - LOVED THE SHIP, THE FOOD, and PORTS.
  8. ZIMA, WAY TO GO!!! So tell us where are you traveling to and on what ship? I leave this Saturday on the Sapphire Princess. Even though it is my 17th cruise I am still super excited. You might think twice about taking that booze along. They are really tightening up on security, so if you are caught it will be confiscated. Have a great time!
  9. My husband and I were in Newport last May on the NCL Dawn. What a beautiful place. We loved it.
  10. Ahoy Cruisers, Forgot to tell you I WON Dash for Cash. Yes, I am the proud recipent of $150 cool bucks sitting in my Princess Circle Member account. The best news is we sail in 9 days on the Sapphire so I am going to spend them! Yeah! I am VERY HAPPY!!! :grin:
  11. Hi, For the Princess cruisers out there. :cheesy: How many have been sucessful at getting a GOOD upgrade for FREE? Just to clarify I don't mean from a forward inside to a mid inside I mean: 1. Inside to Outside 2. Balcony to mini-suite etc. I am going on my 2nd Princess cruise in 11 days and heard they don't upgrade you like the other lines. Of course this sailing is very full so I doubt many folks will get upgraded. Just thought I would ask. :grin:
  12. Hey All, Yesterday, while I was checking my e-mail an e-mail from Princess popped up on my screen. It was from the Princess website. It was the one with the Cruise Personalizer etc. Well I started looking at topics. Anyhow I clicked on something or another, and it said "DASH FOR CASH" register to win a $150 onboard credit. The first 100 individuals to view their account had the opportunity to be a winner. They will announce the winners on Monday via e-mail and the winners names will also be posted in the Circle Center Online under www.princess.com. I sure hope my fingers were fast enough! Did anyone else respond to this PROMOTION?
  13. Suzy B, Have a wonderful time, and don't forget to write a review upon return. I was on the Vision last October. It was FANTASTIC! We sailed with no LUGGAGE, thanks the airlines, but we still had the most phenomenal time.
  14. NHL1089: Thank you so much for all of the 411 and ideas regarding Priceline. I have never used it. I heard that you don't know what hotel you are bidding on. Can you send me some pointers/tips privately @ ksiggins@faroudja.com? I would be ever so grateful! Regarding the Dream. We were on her in 1993 when she was a tad less than a year old. We took her to Bermuda where she almost run aground on a sand bar coming through the channel. We have been on lots of ships that were new. Next up is the BRAND NEW Sapphire Princess in 2 weeks. We splurged and got a mini-suite. We have never sailed on a ship as old as the Dream is now. However I as I recall I loved the mural in the Terraced Dining room. We wanted to sail of out N.O. since we had never been there, and the Dream had such a wonderful itinerary for snorkeling that I couldn't resist. Please write a trip report and post when you get back. I want to hear it all the good, the bad and the ugly. :huh:
  15. Ahoy cruisers, Calling all passengers on the Pride & Sapphire Princess sailings. Do you have plans for Mazatlan? My husband and I are doing an independant excursion with Frank one of the local tour operators that comes well recommended by loads of cruise pax on several of the major msg boards that we are all familiar with. We are going to do the Country Tour which is basically the ship's Colonial Villages tour without the Palpanta Flyers. The ship is charging $52 per adult, and Frank 's tour price includes lunch at a very delicious (from what I read) resturant. His tour is $45 per adult. He accepts American $. The tour is 5 -6 hours in his brand new van . We will see how bricks are made, and visit the beautiful town of Malpica where we will enjoy some wonderful pastries (included in tour price) from one the local bakers, and observe how floor tiles are made. Then we go to the Colonial towns of Concordia and Copala. I basically did the same tour with my Mom last October through RCCL. It was FABULOUS!!! Would love to have you join us for a great day of fun in beautiful Mazatlan. Check out Frank's website @ www.mazatlan-tours.com My e-mail is ksiggins@faroudja.com
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