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  1. heres something i'll change but not about my holiday... if only i was nicer to everyone, not as insensitive as i have been and thought before i acted now i want to make it right. i am truely sorry and i hope everyone can find it in their heart to forgive me. i promise i'll change and make up for everything i did wrong in the past.
  2. i was just reminding everyone that it is in 15 words. why is that so wrong?
  3. so glad youre ok now, i will also pass on the message as my cousin had brest cancer 5 years ago too but she survived too. others may not be as lucky as you and her.
  4. sounds good bit i'm british, too far to go!
  5. right everyone your turn 15 words exactly.
  6. tuxedo............ Jackie chan
  7. want to take a dip in the pool?............... lido deck or upper deck?
  8. lindie11


  9. Before returning to looking out onto....
  10. if you could change one thing about your last holiday what would it be? i decided to do this as a way of reaching out to people who have done the same things i did. Start like this... If only i...
  11. i want a countdown clock but i dont know how to get one.... help.
  12. ive asked and they said they accept them but it would cost more and there is no way to contact them from the us or canada i dont think but i will try to find out for anyone who wants to know. it was worth a try though. as for going somewhere 'closer to home' i would say go to one of the big cities in the us like nyc or chicargo something like that.
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