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  1. Hi everyone. Adam how are you? I have not seen you around much lately. You need to visit us on the other side too.
  2. Adam guess who is at my house for a visit? Sammy dropped by Saturday and decided to go crusing with jeff and myself next week. I am so excited. Janet is too!!
  3. Hi everyone. I forgot to post on the other board Kim called me today. I was at MacKenzie's basketball game. They won the game/ Jeff's big interview which I thought was Tuesday is actually Monday but they had to reschedule all of Mondays interviews due to some emergency in Ohio. No telling when they will reschedule. NC has 3 opening for mangers and two more coming open. I hope he gets one of theses promotions.
  4. Heard from Termmie today. They were in Tampa, Texas. He siad he had about an hour left until they reach their hotel. Tammy he said he will give you a kiss in 10 days.
  5. Oh I already wished you a happy one. But I will do it here too So Termmie how does it feel to be 50 plus 4 days onto your 51st year???
  6. Termmie I hope everything is going good for you two. I am making my rounds to all of these boards. I think this is the last one. I hope everyon is doing great. Karen are you working yourself to death. Is it time to come up for a breath? I hate you live so far from Ft Lauderdale. It would be great to meet you for a precruise party in April. Joey and Sha I have not heard from you two in a while. Are you doing well? Janet I bought Mac that ugly purse Saturday. LOL We went to a local store and bought it. She could not get the free key flop in the java blue color but she got the Hope color. I had to go on ebay and buy her one. SHHH it is a surprise for her birthday in April. Or I might leave it as one of her gifts while we are gone on the cruise. I leave the kids a small present for each day to open. Just to let them know I am thinking about them and miss them. This would be a great gift for then. I had to pay $13 for that stupid promotional free key flop on ebay. But no one around her had one. So she will be thrilled when she gets it!! We are at 38 days out right now for the Enchantment. I am getting so excited!!
  7. I have already been to Wal-Mart. I have fed everyone lunch and I have dinner going. Mac has her tryout at 2:00. It ends at 5:00. It is a close tryon. We can not go. We take her and drop her off and pick her up at 5. I am so nervous for her. I hope she makes the team.
  8. Other place is down and no one is here. I guess I will go read a book.
  9. Happy Birthday Termmie<] I am so glad you have lots of good ideas. Would have never figured that.
  10. HI everyone. We are not posting here much anymore are we?
  11. I have to agree the Europe cruise is looking wonderful. Maybe by the time we go on one I can get a upgrade and get discounts for a balcony. I know if we do one I will have to have a balcony and I do not want to take the kids. This is really what I want next year for my Anniversary.
  12. It is cold here today. It is sleeting now. Yuck!!
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