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  1. hahahahahaha!!! :grin: DAT'S MY GURL! Ok, I gotta go for real! Damn! just starting to have fun too!
  2. YEAH NOW THE FRONTS ALL SOFT hehehehehehehe HELLO JOEY MY BUDDIE. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! :grin: :shocked: :sealedlips:
  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!! V.I.B.R.A.T.O.R.. there!!!
  4. ok, I'm gone for real now! We'll discuss more about the kiddos in the upcoming months. I can tell you this. Dani is very excited. I just really am gonna feel bad taking her out of school. :undecided:
  5. you mean.. d.i.l.d.o.? Dang, why we can't say that... :rolleyes: GEEEEZ!
  6. Have a good one barb..I sent the info in an email!! Thanks Sweetie!
  7. Selena: If all goes as is planned now. Dani will be going. Leonard has decided not to go. (Now...he may change his mind) He's admitted that he's not into cruising as much as I am. When faced with the choice of going on this cruise and the Fantastic Voyage 2007 - he chose the Fantastic Voyage. BUT, I told him I AM GOING! He's cool with that..
  8. Well, I gotta go. This work day is OVER!!! :grin:
  9. LMAO @ Joe. Selena, you had never seen a WHAT?
  10. Sturgis is waaaaay the hell up in North Dakota.
  11. LOL @ Jeff in his cube Bonnie: Yes get me that contact info! :grin: Joe: I told Leonard I was going to show him pics of one of my co-workers who had a run-in with a deer on his Harley! OUCH...six months of phycial rehab. Leonard is not swayed...oh well. Like I said - I'll just have to pray!
  12. Hey BonBon! I do remember that Rick has a Harley. I don't plan to ride much either. I just don't feel safe on them. Leonard already has plans to fly me to Sturgis next year and he's going to haul the bike there on a trailer. I'll probably ride with him just a little while in town.
  13. LOL @ Term. Mmmm...oils sound nice Selena. Leonard likes the mango flavor edibles.
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