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  1. Bev best of luck with the job...keep us posted. Also keep us posted on anything you hear about the Freedom, I havent seen much about it but I really havent been searching to much either. HI Selena, Tammy and Janet. I forgot all about this post. Tammy Term and Jon seem to be doing pretty good, Im not sure I would do that good if Rich and I were headed for that long of a trip, the first time we went to Texas in the motorhome it was disaster!!
  2. Welcome back Adam, we missed you, sorry to hear about your step mother, we have a co-worker in her early 40's, she's been battling cancer for a few years, she's not doing good at all its just a matter of time. I feel so sorry for her 2 sons. On a brighter note Nanatravel...wow thats my fav saying also. I LOVE to shop, if you need a shopping partner at one of the ports let me know HUBBY hates to shop!! Sha nice to see you post, hey you can join us shopping I remember you love it too, especially shoes!! Hope everyone is having a great day!!
  3. Selena...if I had know that you were going shopping and wanted to buy something I would have let you know what I needed .. LOL I love to shop so I know how disappointing it is to come home empty handed, I went yesterday to take something back, Hechts was having a nice sale so I bought a purse and wallet. I hadnt really expected to buy something!! Its quiet on all boards.
  4. Hi Selena...hows things down south? Beautiful day here today. Term..what was the site of??? White beaches and blue water??
  5. Good afternoon everyone... Hey Term I couldnt get into this site, not sure if its blocked or the site was down. Thanks everyone for the anniversary wishes, it was just like any other day. Work, come home and make dinner, clean up, do some odds and ends around the house. We did check into airfare, but was having some troubles trying to redeem US air FF. Hope everyone has a great day!!
  6. Sorry I missed everyone tonite, Rich and I were checking out hotels. Having a little problem using his bonus points looks like we will have to talk to a real person. Janet howd the Chicken dinner turn out. Hey you should make up a cookbook...I'll be ur first customer!! Nite nite!!
  7. ok..good idea I mostly have white meat, usually boneless breasts..to bad you live so far away, we get a good deal on chicken sometime. We eat alot of chicken!!
  8. janet..let me know that turns out, Rich isnt to fond of thighs but if the recipe is good I might fix it anyway...enjoy chat, I better not go into that now.
  9. Doing ok, only a little over an hour left then go get my hair cut, then home to make dinner, to bad I dont live near Janet I'd stop by her house and pick up dinner to go..LOL
  10. Get these...talking about the flashing lites or the boobs??? I could use both..LOL
  11. Janet grab a pina colada..boy these drinks sure do sound good!!
  12. The ingredients sound good but the name would definately turn me off!! HELLO JANET
  13. Hello Term...what did you do to the other site??? LOL
  14. Hopefully when you get off and go home they will be there, you see those and then you know the cruise is right around the corner.
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