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  1. Thanks, guys for all the great wishes! Believe me I am so ready & I am packed & READY TO CRUISE!!!!
  2. I will be packing this weekend...gettin in the cruise mode!!!! I can hear the ocean now!!!!
  3. Got my docs today for my cruise on Carnival Legend May 6th!!!!
  4. Great pics, jbond...thanks for sharing!
  5. Bon Voyage Angelsflying!!! Hope you have a wonderful cruise!!! :cheesy:
  6. Thanks for all the great wishes!!! I know it will all work out....I am just ready to go NOW!!! Cruising Cruising!!!!! Ok...that's it...let's all go.....it's a cruise party!!! Do the Dance........
  7. Getting really excited now!!! :grin: Two weeks and we are cruising on the Sappire Princess out of LAX to Mexican Riviera....cannot wait! Keep fingers crossed--we are flying Delta---let's hope they do not strike!! Our first time getting a balcony cabin...we normally get inside cabins...so I think we may be spoiled after this one!! :cool:
  8. my friend is getting married on the Carnival "Miracle" next May and she said it was very easy setting it up and lots of options to choose from. Her guest will be able to board early with her on day of sailing....so it sounds like a good way to go......less stress. Miracle I believe is one of the few ships on Carnival that has a chapel on board, but I think you can choose where you want the ceremony to be on ship. Hope that helps.....I have heard good things too about getting married ashore.
  9. Thanks for everyone's responses!! I am sure it will be great, like you said it's what you make of it! I will be sure to post my experience once we get back! :smiley:
  10. did you enjoy? we are going April 22. Peopel keep saying we are going to be bored we are in our late 30's, but have traveled lots..been on Carnival, Celebrity, RCCL...just wondering
  11. Has anyone been on the Sapphire Princess recently? (Mexican Riviera cruise) We are going in April and just wondering how it was.
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