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    United States


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    Doesn't matter - As long as I'm on a cruise!
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    Walking & sightseeing
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    While we love Bermuda and the Caribbean our most exciting cruise so far has been our cruise through the Panama Canal. What an amazing experience that was.
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    May 3, 2015
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    Oct. 22, 2015


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    Of course cruising is my first passion and I love the planning part of the process almost as much as the actual cruise. I love researching the ports and learning all about the ships.

    I also enjoy crafts, love going to Craft shows and country fairs and really enjoy cooking, especially big family dinners when we can get everyone together.
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    I love the oldies, Broadway show tunes and cruise music. Just a few notes of the Beach Boy singing Kokomo puts me into Cruise mode.
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    I couldn't tell you the last movie we saw.
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    Gray's Anatomy, Amazing Race, most shows on the cooking channel and of course the travel channel
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    Not a big sports fan but I do enjoy going to our minor league LV Iron Pigs games. Of course any sport my grandkids are involved in will find me on the sidelines rooting for them.
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    Love to cook and love to eat all types of food.
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    Mary Higgins Clark has been cruising with me for years. I enjoy her books and already have her newest one packed for my November cruise.
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  1. Spring has FINALLY arrived here in Pennsylvania. I can actually see two daffodils opening out by our tree line. What a welcome sight. The grass is also turning a lovely shade of green. It makes me happy. Didn't think I would see that at all this year Let's try and keep the dock moving next week. I most likely won't be checking in Make today special
  2. As long as I have a closet full of formal wear that still fits, and Jim can still fit in his tux, we will dress for formal night. There sure is no place around here to wear things like that
  3. THURSDAY - APRIL 26th Good morning Crazies. I'm taking a break from packing and cleaning and I'm so happy to see some old friends stopping by here. Jason - the site is looking terrific. Thanks for all your hard work.l I got my hair cut yesterday - so long over due and tomorrow is reserved for mani-pedi .Saturday is reserved for Ash who will be going to her first prom. Waiting for my oxygen supplier to come. We spent a small fortune on a portable rechargeable concentrater and one of the batteries won't hold a charge. Glad I found out now and not on the high seas. Again, welcome back Falina, Ed & Gina Make today special
  4. Ed I have always ordered mine thru Vistaprint.com. I have several
  5. THURSDAY - APRIL 19th Good morning Crazies. A wet day here in Pa. but after today we should hopefully see some sunshine with temps in the low to mid 50's. Compared to what we have had lately that will seem tropical. My eyes actually teared up when I looked out the kitchen window on Tuesday to see it was snowing. Still going thru summer clothes. Why does this take longer to do every year? I just don't have the energy I used to have. Shari - I'm so glad you made the best with the weekend blizzard. The important thing is that you and Marc reaffirmed your love and commitment to each other. Ray - hope all is going well with you. Stop by the dock if you get a chance. It will be nice to have our Panama Canal cruisers back here and sharing their feelings and pictures from their trip. Make today special.
  6. MONDAY - APRIL 16th Good morning Crazies - another week begins It's a cold raw day here in Pa. with lots of rain coming our way. At least we won't have to shovel it. Mother Nature continues to play games with us. We hit the mid 80's on Saturday and high 30's yesterday. Nothing special going on here this week except for the dreaded clothes switch. Definitely not time to put the winter things away though and don't have room for the summer things til that is done. I hope everyone had a good weekend. It was fun watching our Crazies transit thru the Panama Canal yesterday. I hope they are all enjoying Make today special
  7. SATURDAY - APRIL 14th Hi Crazies. I just wanted to wish Shari & Marc a very happy anniversary and send wishes for many more years of happiness. I hope you vow renewals were everything you hoped for and the weather didn't hurt your plans. ?
  8. Jason - thanks for posting the video. That was terrifying.
  9. WEDNESDAY - APRIL 11th Good morning Crazies. I hope the weather cleared for our Crazie cruisers since sail-away yesterday. Seems they left port in a downpour and even had hail on their balconies and were under a tornado watch. Hopefully today will be a bright sunny day. I'm in the process of the dreaded clothes switch to get ready for Bermuda. We have been to so many lovely ports but Bermuda is still my all time favorite. Make today special
  10. SUNDAY - APRIL 8th Good morning Crazies - Just stopping in to wish all the Crazies safe travels and a wonderful cruise. Time for me to go through the summer clothes for our Bermuda cruise.
  11. WEDNESDAY - APRIL 4th Good morning Crazies. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Ours was wonderful. On a rainy, dreary day like today it will be a perfect time to put that ham bone to good use with a nice big pot of pea soup. It's a perfect day for it. Are all the Canal cruisers ready to go? I hope you have a wonderful time and can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Shari I hope you are doing better and didn't overdo it over Easter. Make today special Crazies. My dryer just went off.
  12. HAPPY EASTER CRAZIES We are off to have brunch with friends and family. Have a blessed day.
  13. Well just for something new (NOT) it is snowing today. That's because I made Jim promise to take me to the Mall today. Like everyone else we are over winter. I thought maybe going out shopping for sandals and capris would lift my spirits. They say it should end around noon. OK Mother Nature you have 20 minutes to knock it off. Andi - If I don't get back before Wednesday I hope you have a great time with Lucas and make lots of memories. As impossible as it sounds, yes, our oldest Granddaughter will turn 18 in June and 10 days later graduate from High School. Between that and her final recital in May I am stocking up on tissues. Then in August she heads from Ct. to Harrisonburg, Va. for College. I just hope before Paige leaves she takes some crash courses in bed making, laundry and cooking. LOL Jan - Glad you were spared that last storm but fortunately 90% of it is gone already. Ray - So glad you survived the crowds in DC, Did you find a place to eat? Miranda - I have a stationary bike and have trouble staying on that. Enjoy your riding time. How far is the ride to work? Shari -- There comes a time when we have to give in and get things done that need fixing. Good luck Well Jim is taking me to the Mall - this should be good for a very quiet afternoon not speaking to each other. lol Make today special
  14. FRIDAY - MARCH 23rd Good morning Crazies. Our (hopefully) last nor'easter has dumped more than a foot of snow on us but fortunately our power stayed on so we were safe and sound - and warm. I'm amazed at the amount of melting that took place since the storm left and we can actually see patches of lawn out back. Now I've just got to see those daffodils and tulips and I will be happy. Ray - I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. All of our pets become such an important part of our family and it is so hard to say good bye to them. Jan - How did you make out in this LAST storm - with emphasis on the LAST hopefully. Our kids missed 2 more days of school so even they were not happy about that. They already have 4 or 5 days added on to the end of the year. I know Paige & Colin have more than that to make up but they will take that out of their spring break which our kids don't get here. Andi - How I miss Broadway plays. When Jim worked on Wall Street it was a weekly outing for us. You must be getting excited about the Panama Canal cruise. I just loved it when we went and had so many books with me because I thought I would be bored to death. I sure wasn't Shari - I'm hoping your medical issues are a quick solve. Glad you enjoyed your corned beef. I must admit I consider myself a pretty good cook but for some reason I can't get the corned beef - cabbage and potato ratio down. Ran out of corned beef for sandwiches the next day and have been eating the cabbage and potatoes ever since. Any suggestions? Miranda - I hope Spring finally has arrived for you. We are so looking forward to it here in Pa. Time to think about lunch Make today special
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