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  1. Any word on the Allure of the seas in wet dock? Been calling royal Caribbean everyday. They said on Wednesday that the repairs are taking longer then expected and they have no word if and changes will happen to the march 2nt cruise. Been looking at the ship webcam and it is still docked in the Bahamas as of 6am today. Can royal Caribbean book me on a different ship this close to the departure date? This is the only week I can get off work so changing the date is not an option. Getting a little worried.
  2. Has anyone heard any news if the Allure of the seas will be sailing on march 2nt or has that cruise been canceled also?
  3. I have a friend that wants to go on a cruise with me with his family in two weeks but no one has a passport? It is a 7 day cruise to the eastern Caribbean. Have they changed the passport rules or can you go with just your license like old times?
  4. Looks like a fun ship. I will give it a year then go on it after reading the reviews.
  5. I like this topic. I have heard about people having bad cruises. Bags not showing up to cabins, stuff missing from cabins, rude guest and staff But I have never had a problem on any cruise other then bad weather.
  6. Welcome back glad you had fun. I too stay on the ships on 3 day cruises you get the place to yourself for the day and just relax.
  7. Has anyone heard of whats new on the two new royal caribbean ships? The only thing i have heard is the royal caribbean is going to start having all inclusive cruises starting at the end of this year. All drinks, specialty restaurants, & tips will be payed for before the cruise?
  8. Wow ware to start. First let me say i love royal caribbean & i cruise on them most of the time with great service & the check in & out people are always great they get me on and off the ship fast & are so friendy. When getting on the ship a guest trying to get on the ship so fast that he pushed my wife in a wall and the corner caught he brand new gold bracelet and broke it. We got on the ship and they offer us drinks but when they handed it to me the girl spilled the drink all over me. We went to are cabin #10662 and the room was not made up & our checked bags with my cloths in were not in the room so i could not change. I went into the bathroom to shower the drink off of me and there was no soap or towels in the bathroom. I called housekeeping and within 5 minutes a girl came and gave us towels but did not make up the room we had to. So after my shower we went around looking at the ship and to the windjammer for lunch & the food was so salty i could not eat most of it this was 2pm. After the drill you do we went up to the top deck to see us out of port. At 530 pm we went back to are cabin and the bags we checked were not there so we went to dinner in the adagio dining room ( food was great and service was also) After dinner and walking around the ship tell about 10pm we went back to the room and again no bags? So i went to the guest desk and they did not know why but would check into it. After 12am we just went to bed. At 312 am we got a knock on the door waking us up and they were there to give us are bags and my wifes bag had a broken wheel and zipper on her bag. After breakfast ( was very salty also) we went to the spa that we had made reservations for massages we got there and they said we had no reservation (i payed for it weeks before the cruise) so again went down to the guest help desk and they said that the reservations were not sent to the ship After 1 hour wating to get a new reservation the next time was late that night so we said never mind and asked for a refund me but they could only credit me? I was so upset we went to the rising bar for a drink and i ordered a long island ice tea the bartender asked me what was in it? Really never had made one before? After trying to tell him i gave up and got a beer. We went back to the room 12pm and the room had not been made up and i seen the room stewart (from poland) she said she was running behind. it was 230pm before she got to us after that we went to play bingo in the amber theater but there was so many people the line went out the door and all the way down to the stage. so forget that. The next three nights went ok and the islands we went to were ok just rained on us everyware we went and the swiming with the dolphins in st maarten was canceled because the bus broke down that was to pick us up?( what no back up bus) The last night of the cruise was so bad we both were so sick we did not even leave are room the whole day & did not get to use are free drink coupons they gave us for the bag problems they left in are room 2 $50 vouchers. also the last night we found blood spots on are bed sheets so again called housekeeping but this time it was 2 hours before they came. Really. Getting off the ship was fast. Thank god so we could get on the road to get home 4 hours away but just out of the parking lot in the port of fauderdale a girl hit are car from behind ( she just got off the ship and was texting) her boyfriend was the same one that bumped into my wife and broke her bracelet. Really??? What a small world 6,000 guest on the ship and she hit us with him also in the car. After wating for port security and them calling pd and us calling AAA it went form a 4 hour trip home to 12 hours after all the paperwork getting a rental car and making it home. Not are best cruise by far. The service was not what i would say up to royal carribeans standards ( give it a C- ) The food in the windjammer ( give it a C ) dinners in the adagio dining room & servers ( i gave it a A+ ) And the room attendant ( i gave a D ) Over all i love the ship but other then the dinner servers & the check-in & out people not so good. Would i cruise on her again? yes but i hope they get alot better. They could learn from the smaller ships. Also being a crown & anchor diamond plus member we did not get are amenities that we get on other ships?( they said they did not have enough amenities for all the crown & anchor members for this cruise) Really ???????????
  9. I got it set to tape on thursday. I the rebirth of the sovereign of the seas taped from 6 years ago how funny is that.
  10. What happens to lost luggage? I was on the freedom of the seas last november & put my luggage out by my cabin door the night before departure like you do but when i went to pick it up when we got off the boat we could not find it? We have been calling everyweek to royal caribbean to see if it was found with no luck? The bag had a diamond ring we got in the bahamas at diamonds international and a painting rolled up that we get on the ship. both worth a total of $4000. I did not know my mate put them in the bag. She had them in her purse but she felt they would be safer in the big bag?? Any idea's
  11. I would like to say happy 10th to all you crazies old and new. & thats to jason for stating it up. Lets make the next 10 years ever better. Happy cruising. :biggrin:
  12. Happy Birthday frostyboy64!

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