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  1. Joey...having done the Tahitian Princess 10 day cruise before, we can hardly wait to do it again. We like tropical a lot and think Bora Bora maybe the most beautiful place we've ever seen. If you're considering doing it, don't wait to long. I hear the ship is just about sold out.
  2. Looks like we're on the last French Polynesia cruise before TP goes to Alaska for the summer...
  3. Hey Joey...good to hear from you. I see you're going across the big water the same day we board Tahitian Princess. Our memories of our Millenium trip are still fresh and warm. Hi to David. Cheers, M&M
  4. Hi...looking for fellow travellers on board Tahitian Princess April 28, 2008. This will be our second cruise on TP...our first in June 2004. Cheers, Margaret and Mike
  5. Hi, We are 'wannabe's on this cruise from Vancouver to Beijing. You may have already begun a roll call, but we couldn't find it! We are wait-listed for a balcony and/or mini-suite, and are hopeful something will come through. Last spring we had the pleasure of being part of the "Diamond Dusters" on the Diamond Princess from Sydney to San Francisco. Wish we'd decided (much) earlier to book this cruise!! Keep your fingers crossed for us, and we hope to see y'all on board! Mike and Margaret
  6. Joey and David....It was wonderful meeting and 'hanging' with you guys too!! I am ssooooo glad your bug situation got worked out so y'all could have the great cabin you booked so long ago!! One day early on in the cruise Mike and Cleve were returning to the ship, and a guy just ahead of them had a bottle of some kind of alcohol (wine or spirits, I am unsure) . As he passed through security his bottle was confiscated. In retrospect, Mike thought he could have been an employee. At the next port I did buy some wine...knowing I might not succeed in getting it through... No problema. It was quite tasty too! We also came through with a bottle ot Limoncello...THAT's a treat!! Sooo, I guess they (Celebrity/RCCL) have to make a statement....for their own liability. Cheers!
  7. Hi Y'all...Mike and I just made it home this afternoon. (I'll think of laundry tomorrow!!) We spent a night in London (Gatwick) on the way home. Yesterday we flew into Dallas (no bad weather!), then on to St. Louis. We were pooped enough that we spent the night in STL last night. A few errands there today, then a 2 1/2 hr. drive home. It is wonderful being with our two hairy children again...although I think they have a great time while we are gone! We didn't meet everyone from this group on the ship as we were mostly 'hanging' with a group of other friends. BUT, for those of you we did meet, thanks for helping make this cruise so enjoyable! A special 'thanks' to our "scout leader", Diane (and Lou) for arranging such a wonderful day in Naples, and alerting us to the Locanda Orseolo in Venice. (A truly wonderful inn!!!) Paula and Trish, it was also nice hanging our with y'all on the Naples day!! Hope the trip to Chicago goes/went well, Paula! Jackie and Tony, have a safe drive around the country for the next many months! Enjoy..... Cheers, Margaret and Mike
  8. Gail...We're really sorry you are not well. Hope you will soon be on the mend and booking another cruise! What a bummer!!!
  9. Happy (stress-free) packing to everyone, and safe travels! See a lot of y'all in BCN on the night of the 28th! M&M
  10. I dunno Jackie.....If we had a couple of goat cheese souffle's each........BUT, I think they are pretty resourceful...I think they could 'whip up a little something special' for Joey and David! .......Joey, what you THINK is goat cheese souffle....will it really be?!..... :)
  11. Mike and I (along with Cleve, Suzi, Natalie, Catharine, and Jeff) also have booked the Olympic for the 4th. Our res is for 7:00. They say the tables only will accomodate a max of 6, so we'll decide which 'kid' (all adults) will be left off. I am just joking.......We'll probably have to break into 2 tables, which is fine! We are looking forward to the yummy goat cheese souffle and the chocolate souffle. Anything in between will be fabulous too!!
  12. Thanks for all the 'eye ' encouragement and sentiments!! This is soooo coool....no glasses or contacts! At sea days are wonderful (too few this trip!)...We'll do the T-pool/cards, reading, and just hanging out. Totally relaxing! I must admit I have never tried the Cova Cafe, and am looking forward to the hot chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the Diamond Princess last spring we had a guy named Frankie who was the best we'd ever had (asst. CD).....He will be hard to top, but we really look forward to Simon! 2 more weeks.....Guess I should decide what to take.......:) M&M
  13. Lasik report....well, it's over!! Mike watched one eye being done, I was 'on my own' for the second eye....I have mono-vision, and they used separate rooms for the surgeries, the first had a viewing window, then I moved to the other without a window. It was painless....just a pressure, as many of y'all already know. I now have these ugly plastic patches 9clear) over my eyes, and feel like a giant insect. BUT the good news is, I can read this computer, and I am sure these patches have no correction....if anything, they distort my vision a bit! So, I will see the Dr. again in the am, then again next Weds. How cool not to need glasses or contacts!! Sorry for any typos....And, thanks much for all your support!!! :))) Margaret
  14. Thanks everyone for all of your positive sentiments! I am excited, and know all will go well!!
  15. Gail and Paul have a great time in Israel.....Where all will you be? Do you have family there? Is this a first visit there? Well, the time has come.....Tomorrow I am having LASIK surgery. The Dr. in STL I have selected has a great reputation, so, hopefully, I will be able to see all of our wonderful vacation without contacts!! YIPPEE!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me....please! Margaret
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