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  1. Just got back from my very first cruise among Carnival Sensation- LOVED IT!!! Already thinking of when I wanna go back!

  2. Thanks! Oh I will be on here...maybe I will be a real cruise crazy when I get back from my 1st cruise. I'm porting out on Thursday!

  3. Yes! I am a Colts/Peyton Manning fan! Really that's all I'm wanting to do right now is pay attention to Colts football but I really need to get some work done too and not to mention I'm also pre-occupied with the excitment for my first cruise! I'm hoping I will be able to watch the colts vs eagles 2nd pre-season game on the ship Thursday but I heard that I may not be able to =(

  4. Thanks! I'm leaving out to go on my first cruise on Thursday! Very Excited!

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