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  1. Happy Birthday brneyes!

  2. Happy Birthday brneyes!

  3. Hazelson, I don't know if this will reach you or not, but I thought I would try this area. After your reply which was in a "box", I did not find any area that said "quote", but found 4 small boxes to click on saying: Back to top, Report, Reply, Multiquote. The only one I tried as I said earlier was the reply, but that didn't seem to work. I then went all the way to the bottom of the page and found this area. It said Fast Reply, and I clicked and it opened this. I will then click Post to see if it reaches you or anyone.
  4. Hello, Hello, I don't know what the problem is, but I have been receiving replies back to my questions in regard to the Princess Sapphire/Mexican Riviera. The problem, I click on "reply" button, and it never brings up a blank screen for me to reply to. What am I doing wrong???
  5. Thank you all for your reply back. Every little bit helps with info. I did go into the "roll call" (I call it) area. I didn't see where anyone had listed the Princess Sapphire for April 9th, so I did. So far, I didn't see where anyone else had replied, or that they were going. Hopefully you all are in WARM areas, as we just had our snow blizzard yesterday, and are "digging out." It has been over 18 years since we have had a crisis like this. The last one was an ice storm which was very bad too. Everyone have a great "hump day."
  6. I clicked on reply after Mary Lou's signature, and it brought me here. I really don't think I am to "post" right here (???), but when looking below, there was no other place to post. I just wanted to say thank you to Mary Lou and the rest to HELPED me in my crisis. If you can think of any suggestions pertaining to "understanding" the CC website, it is helpful.
  7. Since I'm NEW to Cruise Crazies, I thought I would check in the "roll call" area, and see if anyone is cruising on the Sapphire Princess, April 9th to the Mexican Riviera? If so, I would like to be contacted.
  8. Thanks for replying back. I did go under "forums" and found the "Princess" area, but it didn't look like anyone had been on it for a couple years. Maybe it was the "Sapphire", where I seen that, but I'll check again. Thanks for your help.
  9. I don't know if I am to "reply" after what you wrote, or not, but here it goes. Whether you get it or it makes sense, I don't know. I'm use to reply on other forums with a "blank" space, so here it goes. Thank you for replying back. I do have a few questions. In PV, you mentioned about renting a car or using a Taxi. If we wanted to do the Taxi, do we tell them where we (like what you mentioned) want to go, and then have them give us a price before we get in? Yes, I don't want to take any Pesos home with me, and will bring small bills. In regard to the "bargaining", can that be done at any of these 3 stops, or just at one of them? How do we know where the area is to go at these stops, to look for bargaining with the people?
  10. Hello, I think I am in the WRONG area and I need HELP. I thought this was the Princess area, but maybe it's not. Cruise Crazies website is "different" than some of the other cruise websites I go on. Would you or "someone" be able to lead me in the direction of Princess cruises or the Princess Sapphire? We are cruising this ship in April, and I would like to ask questions, if at all possible of maybe some of them that have cruised this ship.
  11. We plan to cruise on the Sapphire in April to the Mexican Riviera. If you have been to any of their ports within the last year (we do no snorkling), what would you recommend that we see/do while there? Also is there a good beach to check out?
  12. We are planning on cruising on the Sapphire in April. If you have been on the Sapphire within the past year, would you give me your pros/cons of the ship? We will be going to the Mexican Riviera ports. We are not into snorkling, but if you have been there, what beach would you recommend that we visit, and also is there a "must see/do" at any of these ports? Also, we like to "bargain", is there any of this going on at any of these ports?
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