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    Just about everywhere in the Carribean but the Panama Canel.
    And to the Mediteranian
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  1. Hey all, So im looking for some recommendations. This is the best place to look and ask. In February 2014 myself and 7 others ( Girlfriends and their Significant others) are looking at going on a cruise in the Caribbean for College Graduation. Mind you we will all be over 21 at the point and under 25. I myself have gone on 11 cruises now so ive been to too many stops, and my friend has gone on about 5. the others havent really gone on any. Ive travelled with Costa and Royal Caribbean so mainly lean towards those two while my friend has travelled with RC, Carnival and Princess, one on each and a few on carnival. Though the main question i'm asking is which ships and which ports of call would you recommend for us!! Your help would be greatly appreciated since we do want to try booking in September but of course got to hunt!! Thank you!
  2. Curious as to if the disaster has changed your view about going on a cruise now? What are your thoughts?
  3. 40 known to still be missing and between 5-8 are dead This article has Many, if not the most photos and information http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2086831/Costa-Concordia-cruise-ship-pictures-Trapped-survivor-Manrico-Giampedroni-airlifted-safety.html
  4. unconfirmed number is up to 6 dead. i have the news on for more updates
  5. MAJOR PRAYERS GO OUT TO THOSE, ALIVE, DEAD, AND STILL MISSING OFF THE COSTA CONCORDIA THAT SUNK IN ITALY TODAY!! (Being a Major Cruiser, this hits home ♥ ) http://www.cp24.com/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20120114/120114_Cruise_Canadian_Passengers/20120114/?hub=CP24Home
  6. Happy Birthday YulzXasylum!

  7. If looking at Spain to Caribbean. There's only the choice of transatlantic. Other then that you need to look into all the cruise lines to see the pricing and who is traveling in that direction at the time you desire. However I am thinking Royal Caribbean has an age group for your child from what I remember but again not 100% sure
  8. Shouldve mada a separate thread for this. But, most ships that activities for children around 3 and up. So you could sign them up for that. Then all you have to do is drop them off at certain times and pick them up at certain times. Still not a hundred percent sure about 3 year olds but again it depends on the ship.
  9. Thanks for that :)). Hopefully it will so the trick. The flu thing not so much hahaha Also the weight actually came on pretty fast. I was doing military work in the summe and dropped 10. Went down to about 140 since end of august I put it all on. The problem is I do come from a very European family so food is in lard quatities and oh soo good. Basically I love to eat too. Ive been loweringy food consumption though so hopefully I can keep it that way. I have always been a brutal fast food junky I must say. However I feel as if most of the weight is infact water weight. And if I can hit even 155 by the cruise or even just flatten my stomach a bit so that bathing suit wise I'll be very happy ;)
  10. Glad you found us. Hope you'll become a regular around here.

  11. Well if it at all assists you in more detail i'm 18 to be 19 in march over 160 female i do walk to and from college everyday and now with us finally getting snow it takes much longer and its about -1 or 30-ish degrees where i am near lake Ontario. i also do have access to my college gym and started three today for 45 min on the bike as a start for me. i do thank you for your help though :))
  12. you will definitly see one from me. I've posted for the ships i can remember cruising on and i can't wait to leave a review about this one. it will b e a definite change from always cruising Costa :)
  13. Thank you so much. That eases a lot of the worry cause of everything that has being happening.
  14. 3 big questions in one day for me xD However this is the most important one to me. If anyone on here can help me it would be really appreciated. My cruise is pretty much 25 days again and im trying to at least drop 15 pounds but cruise time. If not 15, i really want to flatten my 'muffin' stomach for my bathing suit. Any advice or tips PLEASE share them. i'm becoming painfully desprate. Thank you so much!!
  15. Hey there, We will be traveling on the Libery of the Sea in Feburary. There is one port that is rasing many questions amongst us and our friends. Labadee, Haiti Has anyone recently had this as a port of call? Recommend leaving the ship? Do you know what is really going on with the port and all? Please let me know. Thanks :))
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