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  1. Hey everyone!!! I am currently in the process of booking a cruise for this winter assuming things get better with the virus by then. I will most likely be booking a Carnival cruise. However, I have looked into Royal Caribbean as well because I have been told it entails a lot of great things. I've cruised a few times on Carnival and Norwegian but feel that I could have been more active on the ship itself. What are some activities or experiences you guys make sure to do each cruise? I know Carnival has a lot of onboard activities such as the shows. Also any suggestions on ports of call? I went to the Bahamas in January and would probably like to venture somewhere else.
  2. Hey everyone! I am new to the CruiseCrazies community and am so excited to explore it some more. I am currently planning a trip but want some other opinions to ensure a great trip. I have been on many cruises, mostly when I was younger. The cruises I do remember are the Norwegian Epic, Carnival Dream, and Carnival Sunshine. I therefore only have knowledge of Carnival and NCL for the most part. I would love to get some opinions on which cruise lines everyone prefers and why. I would love to know the value in everyone's favorite and what you look at when booking a cruise. Thanks in advance everyone! I know this will make the decision much easier.
  3. Welcome, charlotter1415!  See you around!

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      Hi Jason! Thanks for the welcome!

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