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Carnival Debuts ‘The Fun Shops’ Online Retail Section

Mar 04 2013 06:05 PM - Carnival Cruise Lines Debuts ‘The Fun Shops’ Online Retail Section Offering Wide Array of Gift Options For Carnival Guests
Shopping on Carnival.com, the cruise industry’s most visited website, just got easier and a lot more fun with the launch of Carnival Cruise Lines’ revamped online retail section – “The Fun Shops,” available at www.carnival.com/funshops.
The redesign includes a totally new “look and feel,” as well as simpler navigation choices like shopping by product, by occasion or one of Carnival’s four exclusive branded options: Cruise Cash, Cherry on Top, Funnel Gear and Portside Liquor.
The site also marks the initial phase of a dramatic product expansion with new gifting options such as cool Carnival branded gear or chocolate-covered strawberries rolled in red velvet crumbs that can satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.
The Fun Shops can be used to buy a gift for anyone booked to sail on a Carnival cruise. If users are looking to surprise a guest with “fun-tastic” treats while on board, they can click on the site’s new virtual “Booking Buddy,” which makes it easy to connect their order directly to a guest’s reservation without having to spoil the surprise by finding out information like their booking number.
The “Gift Finder” feature is also new to the site and helps users select the perfect present for a booked guest, ranging from special-occasion delicacies, flowers, stateroom celebratory decorations and themed gift packages. Some of the most popular gifts include cakes, festive cabin décor, cooler packages and high seas gift sets, which are delivered to guests once they board the ship.
“Almost everyone shops online these days, and now with our wider selection of branded items and updated user-friendly features, we wanted to make it convenient to surprise a friend or relative with a celebratory gift to make their cruise that much more special,” said William Butler, Carnival’s vice president of retail services. “The site is also great for guests who want to pre-order items to enhance their own ‘fun’ or to commemorate a special occasion on board.”
Along with the launch of the site, the company introduced Carnival “Cruise Cash,” which provides an immediate credit to a guest’s Sail & Sign account; they can use this to pay for bar tabs, photos, shore excursions, spa treatments or any other expenses accrued during their voyage.
The site enables users to shop by product category: Apparel, Beverages, Cabin Decorations, Cruise Cash, Flowers, Food and Desserts, Gift Sets and Souvenirs. Most items can be purchased for delivery up to two days before disembarkation, for those last-minute mid-cruise surprise gifts.
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By Carnival Cruise Lines
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Member Comments:
Mar 04 2013 06:47 PM
We did this about 2 years ago when our close friends went on a 5-day out of San Diego for his 50th birthday. It was a blast being able to select the right gift off their website.

Now I see where many more items are available - even gift cards. Nice touch.
Mar 04 2013 06:54 PM

We love sending (and receiving!) bon voyage gifts! :laugh:

    • Sarge6870 likes this

We ordered gifts and cabin set-ups many times when cruising Carnival. Always was nice to enter the cabin for the first time with

hors d'ouevres waiting for us :thumbup:

Mar 05 2013 11:22 AM

Now that we are Platinum members, Carnival presents us with a lovely tray of chocolate dipped strawberries, some sweets and other delights.  For some reason, Jerry does not remember that this is going to happen.  He's like a kid in the candy store when we open the door and see the beautiful tray waiting for us.


Hopefully Marcy and James will be able to share our delights.  (Meaning, we hope they don't cancel).


Then, mid-cruise, Carnival leaves gifts for each of us.  First one was a carry-on bag (one for each of us).  Next was 2 sets of binoculars.  Can't wait to see what this sailing brings us.


We kept both carry-ons.  They are perfect enough for a beach day.  Not too big, not too bulky.


We kept one of the binoculars and gave the other one as a gift to our friend's child who was 8 at the time.  He was in heaven!

When we cruise on the Carnival Sunshine next March I plan on surprising my husband with some goodies.  It sounds like a really nice touch when sailing to have the strawberries and other sweets in the cabin when we arrive.  Can't wait!

I always surprise my husband as well as ourselves with a gift no matter what the cruise line. Since we vacation the same week every summer, our anniversary and his birthday always fall during the cruise. Being able to purchase from the cruise website and having it waiting for you in your cabin is a huge perk!

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