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Bringing the Kids? Two Cabins are Better Than One!

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Are you bringing the kids on your cruise? You've got a few of choices for accommodations. You can all squeeze into a standard cabin for 4 (some ships allow 5 in a cabin). Another option is to book a more costly family-size cabin or suite for more elbow room. A better option, though, is to book two cabins. If the kids are young, book connecting cabins. If your kids are older (12 and up) consider booking two side-by-side cabins or, better yet, an oceanview or balcony cabin for yourselves and an inside cabin for the kids across the hall.You will need to book an adult in each, but once you're on board, you can reorganize yourselves any way you want. The interior cabin costs less, you'll get two bathrooms, the kids will have their own space - and so will you! Depending on category and pricing, you may actually save over the cost of a larger room. Even if you have to pay a couple of hundred dollars extra, it will be totally worth it - trust me! Whatever you decide, be sure to ask Guest Services for a spare key for the kids' stateroom so that you have easy access to their comings and goings at any time. One word of warning, though ... If you are planning on booking two adjoining cabins, side-by-side cabins or cabins across the hall from one another, book early, as they disappear fast.

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