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  1. deb1220 wrote... Oh Lord, help us! Debbie - it could be fun to watch!!!!!
  2. Well, for me the must do's are the Reversing Falls in St. John's, Cadillac Mountain (weather permitting) in Bar Harbor and whale watching in Portland if it is still "in season". Other than that.....no real preferences.
  3. Thanks, sailingrose! I work PM shift at home and I DREAD days where I have to get up early to make an excursion. And this is problem as I LOVE breakfast in the dining room, but the hours are soooo limited,.......so I usually end up getting room service and a late morning trip to the buffet. Howard, I am so sorry that you won't be on the cruise, but congratulations to your son! And I think that a game time a couple of days would be fun! Not sure about the walk........love the cause, but have to see how the knees feel the day of the walk. All in for for a cabin crawl and a slot pull. Anyone else love playing trivia? We could meet up and be a team for some of the big trivia games they have like the battle of the sexes, etc. And with MTD we can actually work dinner around this if we would have to.
  4. Hmmm.....my favorite martinis are the Cosmo, Lemon Drop, Mango Tini and a Dirty Martini! All made with Vodka of course. My Dad argues with me that true martinis are made of Gin and not Vodka.............we have finally agreed to disagree! lol
  5. Hey - if the guys want to wear this shirts on formal night, it doesn't bother me! LOL As long as they wore the suit jacket to go with it! LOL I once cruised with a friend who wore a muted lime green suit with shirt to an informal night on a Celebrity cruise and he was gorgeous and got lots of praise for his outfit! He has since retired the outfit, but I loved the pic he and I had of the two of us with his suit and my light green lacy dress.
  6. Howard - I really really like it......but maybe instead of September 2011 on the top....maybe put either 2011 or 9/2011 just underneath the New England - Canada cruise in the lower part of the circle in the same color as those words?
  7. Thank you all! It is great to be on the rolls of the employed again!
  8. Mary Lou - I'll be working second shift as a nurse in a small 50 bed) nursing home. I am NOT a morning person!!!! LOL
  9. cruisetarp wrote...Great news Lisa - congratulations. What type of work will you be doing?
  10. Just wanted to thank all of you........I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. A job update.....I did not find out Friday if I got the job. If any of you watched the national news, you saw a tiny bit of what is going on in Milwaukee. The floods, tornados, sink holes, etc. are unbelievable........and much more than what was shown on the national news. And we are supposed to get 2 more inches of the wet stuff tonight....................god help us! The ground is beyond saturated and the rivers are already above flood stage and the sewers are over filled. Anyway, I can understand with all that is going on in the area why I did not hear from the facility today.............they are in a bit of a low lying area (downhill at least from a high point). I am now waiting til Monday to hear anything. Thanks for all the good wishes.
  12. Mary Lou - the sacrifices you make for us! LOL Please find out if there are any bars that can make a good Cosmo, French Martini, Dirty Martini, Lemon Drop Tini and an Appletini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hey fellow Crazies. Can I ask a favor? I should know by Friday if I have a job after 7 months of unemployment (6 of those months by choice - exhaustion, family issues, etc.).........please keep your fingers and toes crossed? I got a call today that I am still the front runner for the nursing position with only one interview to go and I will know before the weekend! Thanks!!!!!
  14. Hi - I'm still here, but have nothing to add since I have never been to Bayonne before. And with all that is going on right now in my life, I just don't have the time to respond to everything. But, I am reading! Please keep up the planning so I can dream!
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