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  1. Good morning Crazies. Finally have a few minutes to check in here. Came home on Mother's Day and I must have picked up a bug on the ship. Sick all day, even turned down the granddaughters coming over. Felt much better Mo day night and then started catching up. Saw my Mom on Saturday and celebrated Mother's Day. Finally saw my girls yesterday. Jocelyn really missed me as she gave me a big hug when we picked her up at school. Had a great time on Freedom and enjoyed the company of some old friends. Chatted with my Norweigian friend about the Norway trip. No final decision yet. Andi I too am worried about the airport. 3 of the worst are here in Florida. We are flying out of Mia I but not until October so hopefully things will get better by then. Pre check means nothing if they close the line and that is what has been happening here. Today is catch up day, wash, paperwork, meal planning, etc so I better get moving. Have a great day all.
  2. I tried to get here all week and couldn't. Roof is done and passed inspection. Cholesterol numbers down so no meds. Mom is coming along slowly and suitcases are mostly packed. Really looking forward to some recharging time. Shari hope your feeling better. Ray glad your going to the doctor, 7 sounds like a lot of meds to me as well. Jan too funny, I had egg salad same day. It was a rare treat for me. Happy belated birthday to Alex. Sorry this is short but still lots to do. Have a great week all
  3. Good morning Crazies. So happy to be back home and in our own bed last night. Mom is doing well. Now I'm ready to get the roof done tomorrow and start to pack for our cruise next Sunday. I can't get out of here fast enough! Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes for Mom. Jan not sure about us and the group cruise. Howie and I were discussing it when life got in the way. I will be seeing our Norweigian friend next week so I'm sure he will have much to add. Glad you could reconnect with your sister. My sister and I will never get along. It's sad but she is an unhappy, annoying person. I only text her if I have to. Happy Passover DebbieandJerry and all who celebrate. Miranda I second the boat tour in Amsterdam. Well worth the money. Andi hope you enjoy your long weekend. Time to get moving and catch up around here. Have a great rest of the weekend all.
  4. No did pretty well. Some minor issues that required her to stay overnight. We are with my father tonight. Good news is there are. I issues with her stents. Age is her enemy, she will be 84 in Ju e. Thanks for all the prayers. Happy Passover to all who celebrate.
  5. Good morning Crazies. Going to be a long day. Moms Cardiac Cath isn't scheduled until 3. Hopefully all will go smoothly and I will be cruising a week from Sunday. Roofers start on Monday weather permitting. Thanks for the prayers.
  6. Good morning Crazies. Busy few days trying to get things in order before Moms procedure on Friday. Still working on cleaning the house. Hope to make a dent today. Miranda we did a tour of the Red Light district too. Im sure I have his name somewhere. He was #2 on trip advisor. It was excellent and he knew some of the ladies. The HOHO bus worked very well for transport in the rain. Kevin my daughter uses shutterfly. I prefer the old fashioned kind when I do them, great for keeping all that tour info to help others. I only do them for special cruises. Won't do the transatlantic this year. MaryLou good luck with the spring cleaning. My garage is a dumping ground. Someday I'll get to it. My cars fit so I'm good. Lol Jan hope your knee check goes well. Time to get cleaning. Have a great day.
  7. Good morning. Not a lot planned today except for some scrapbook time from our transatlantic last year. Tried yesterday but computer issues made it impossible. MaryLou Howie has learned to get out of Dodge early in the day. Even on the 15th he shoots for noon. Hope you finish the sunroom. Miranda we had raincoats (not those toss ponchos) so we made the best of it. I stood in the Amsterdam r for my picture and stood in the pouring rain to get into Anne Frank's house. We loved it. Nice to see you pop in Kevin. Hope everyone has a great day.
  8. Good morning Crazies. Tax season is over at our business. No walk ins welcome. Extensions have all been filed so I have my husband back. We will be shopping for a new phone for him, he has a Samsung 2, can't even get a smiley face. LOL I may treat myself as well, we'll see. Back is much better and managed to get a few things done yesterday. MaryLou happy shopping. Hope it doesn't cost too much. Jan happy cleaning. I started that in my closet yesterday. Have a huge pile for donation. Hope to finish today. Have to take advantage of those bursts of tossing out. Time to get back on my exercise bike. Have only missed 2 days (Dad in hospital) since January 5. Have a great weekend all.
  9. Good morning Crazies. Pulled something in my back yesterday so a very unproductive day. Better this morning but moving slower. My bike seems to be helping. Yes MaryLou tax season is nearly done. I'm ready for it to be over and I want my husband back. Yes 16 on the Connie. I forgot you were 6 at dinner. Bon Voyage Jackie. Tell Carmen hello from us. Jan we have lots of those paint parties here too but never been to one. Who drives home? Ray hope you are feeling better. That bug is nasty. Time to get moving. Have a great day all.
  10. I think the Connie had 14. We were definitely a lively bunch. We took over the Martini bar every night in between dinner seatings. They even rearranged the furniture for us so we could sit in groups. MaryLou may be able to confirm.
  11. Good morning Crazies. Productive day yesterday, hope today is as well. I always try to get all my little stuff done before my parents have testing and surgery, you never know. Jan and Andi talking to Howie about anything now isn't productive, his head is in too many places. The Canada New England cruise was only 6, we had 2 couples cancel. The Connie was at least 12 total. Maybe more, it was a long time ago. Thanks for the kind comments on my weight loss. I'm working hard to try to stay off Blood pressure meds. Time to get moving. Have a great day all
  12. Good morning Crazies. Weekend was raking and yesterday was errands so today is catch up day around the house. Have a list so that should help along with the regular wash, etc. Jan the cruise looks good but I will have to find something else for another week, Howie will never fly to Europe for a 1 week cruise. I'm sure I can find something, lol. A friend of mine on our next ship is Norweigian and we will chat with him. Miranda glad you got your computer squared away. I would love to return to Amsterdam if we could have less rain. It poured all 3 days we were there. Shari glad you enjoyed the shower. I love chilli but Howie doesn't so I make it for myself and freeze it. Thank you for the prayers for my parents, always appreciated. Ray tax season craziness is over for me, Howie and my son do all the work now. I just sign our tax return now. I'm ok losing that job, lots of house stuff to do when my body allows, lol. How did choir go? Andi, tick tick tick wish I could speed up time for you. Woo Hoo been on a diet since end of January and I'm down nearly 12 pounds.. Time to get my housework started. Have a great day all.
  13. Good morning Crazies. The cooler air has returned if only for a few days, I'll take it. Busy few days here. Got to see my girls twice this week as Cynthia's car is having issues and I was pickup at school. Found out it's my Moms turn for heart testing. Cardiac Cath scheduled for the 22 of April. Just finished with Dad and we start again. Howie will be able to help with the driving since tax season will be over. MaryLou hope you get a peaceful weekend after all that craziness this week. Andi congrats on your upcoming retirement! Wow what awful scares with your health. Jan sorry about the windshield. They are covered by insurance here in Florida. Yes the Fjords may happen unless Howie finds a different cruise he wants to do. Ray glad your feeling better finally. Miranda I have a laptop that I hate. Just difficult to work with but I finally decided I have to learn to like it. Still use my IPad more then anything. Shari, those tests do not sound like fun. I hope that after all this you get some answers. Glad you got the shower gift. Happy Anniversary to you and Marc! Time to get some breakfast and head out with my rake in hand while the weather is cool. Have a great day
  14. Good morning Crazies. Granddaughter day for me today. Can't wait to see how much our 8 week old has grown. Diet going well, down 10.8 pounds. I'm hoping Lol sing all that steroid weight I gained will lower my cholesterol and help my arthritis in my back. Last piece of my front room completed with the purchase of an area rug. Next project in May after our cruise. Ray glad you got the nebulizer. It was a godsend with my sons asthma. Those transatlantic flights are tough, neither of us sleeps but it's a great sacrifice for the beauty of Europe. MaryLou of course prayers are being sent for TJ. Jan good luck with the Mammogram. Haven't looked at the Fjords cruises yet but will once I catch up. Andi sis I read that you are retiring? Time to get off my bike and have breakfast. Have a great day all
  15. Good morning Crazies. Quiet weekend with a little cleaning and cruise research. Howie worked all weekend of course. 4 weeks till we float. Andi the house never ends. I have another room to paint but I have all hot summer long to do it. Lol Heading to the yard this week as the weather is cooler. MaryLou happy shopping. Jan the Fjords sound interesting. Not sure I could talk Howie into flying to Europe twice. Those flights are hard. Time to get moving. Hello to all the rest of the Crazies. Have a great day.
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