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  1. BROWIE = Broward DaKoon[/size]
  2. Hey, Cheryl, that's pretty good. By the way, did you rcognize me?
  3. Hey, everybody, I got my CruiseCrazies pin the the CruzCraziness tonight! It's really neat! Everyone should get one!!
  4. My dadyy got me a cruise for Christmas..... By the way, how many boards have a friendly, little, stuffed raccoon posting on them?
  5. All I know is that there were lines everywhere. It usually takes ecactly an hour from my driveway to the Welcome Aboard Buffet. Saturday we left the house at 12:30 and I didn't get to the buffet 'til almost 2:30... There was a long, long line at the security gate at the entrance to the port. Then, they moved the regal Empress from its usual pier 2 to 27, which wasn't equip[ped well for passengers....more lines....
  6. I have the bestest daddy in the whole world!!!
  7. OH BOY!!!! My big bash birthday party, ten days worth, starts tomorrow!! My daddy adopted me at the fair in 1981! He had to take a very strict test to be able to adopt me.....but, he got the water in the clown's mouth, and broke the balloon, before anyone else!! This year the fair is at Fort Lauderdale Stadium, about a mile from my house, so I'll be able to go every day.
  8. Thanks, everyone! My daddy, DaCruzNut, tells me that we're going to celebrate my birthday all week-end long! He bought me an early B.D.present two weeks ago....I got a brand new Mustang to ride in! I wish he'd tak me on a B.D. cruise, but.....
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