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  1. Isn't it great!!!!! Have a drink and enjoy the excitement!!! :cheesy:
  2. Torture..... Ecstasy... LOL (to each his own)
  3. I'll be on the Holiday June 10th! Sailed her before though. You're in for a great time! Have fun!!
  4. Haven't been on that particular cruise, but I have been on the Ecstasy. It's not as new or "sparkly" as the newer ships...but it really is great. And lots of fun. Don't be nervous...once you are aboard...it's just fun times!!! Nothing scary or complicated!! Have fun!!!
  5. We have a 13 year old Persian cat named Felicity who is very senile. A Young female cat named Jack(son had to have that name) who is about to have kittens. And a Beta fish named Harry.
  6. Katcruiser

    Famous people

    Elvis ---- Sandra Bullock
  7. DH and I are going out of town to an overnight business banquet for him. After 3 hours for the banquet, we're free to do our own thing. Should be fun!
  8. My nickname is Kat and I love cruising! Nuff said! :-)
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