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  1. Just wanted to say Bon Voyage to all those leaving this week end on your cruises!! We are heading out in the morning and I am just soooooo excited! I know we will have a wonderful time and nothing will dampen our spirits!! Bye till the 3rd of June! MichelleJ :grin:
  2. Besides the sewing and quilting, I like to tat. I took it up years ago when I met this spunky older lady in a nursing home and she taught me. I do not do complicated items cuz I'm just not that good, lol, it is my winter hobby cuz my hands get too swollen in the summer to do it. I also like to do latch rugs and rag rugs. my love is my garden and yard, I work in it for hours, just makes me happy! Michelle :grin:
  3. Hope the pain is at a minimal!
  4. I can't believe this is my last week before I sail!!! Hubby is bringing me to sis's house on Friday so we all can go to Greektown and the casinos. Our flight is early Sunday!! I am just soooooooo excited!! Hubby can hardly wait to get me going too, he has had months of my cruise or as he affectionatly calls it "MY boat boat" :grin: After we return, sis and I are going to run around Florida for a few days, Bonita Springs area, we are going to a memorial for my hubbys uncle on Memorial day. I am going to take tons of pics and also the camcorder is going with, also going to keep a journal, I have a hard time remembering every day things so this should help! I feel like a kid in a candy shop, nobody can stand me except my sister, lol!! Thank you all for your great info and I will be glad to do a review when I get back. Michelle J :cool:
  5. I also have a sharp viewfinder and love it. We plan on taking ours along and I have extra tapes and batteries lol.
  6. I am drooling now! I love chocolate of any kind and also love to go to candy shops. That is why I am no longer a size 10!(havnt seen that size in years, lol)
  7. michelleJ

    Famous people

    Yoko Ono........Oliver North
  8. Did any one watch this show when it was on before? It was one of my favorite shows and I could picture my hubby and I lasting ONE day!!!!! It is coming back on!!!
  9. I voted so many times for Rupert that I lost count, the right person got the next million!!!!
  10. enjoying the biew......Waving good-bye
  11. Sorry you had the problems with that web company, but glad you were able to pull it all together. What date are you going on the Paradise? Michelle
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