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  1. Ok, so I got home from my cruise this past saturday, and i had such an amazing time!! I'm at a loss as to what to do though because now i'm not going on another cruise in the near future :cry: (my dad said maybe we would go on another one in 2 years or something...) What do you do in the mean time!! So i guess i'm just complaining to my fellow cruisers here haha sorry, i must be suffering from PCD (Post cruise Depression) On the upside i am keeping in touch with my new friends from the cruise :grin:
  2. What are some of the best excursions to do in these ports?? Labadee, Cozumel, Ocho Rios, Grand Caymon I'm looking into Para Sailing in Cozumel, but other then that i'm not sure what to do, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! This is for my family and I (mom dad and twin sis) we set sail 3-5-05 on the Navigator of the Seas. Thanks!
  3. Happy Holidays to everyone!! And have a very merry New Year!! :grin:
  4. My cruise is March 5th 2005 on the Navigator of the Seas to the Western Caribbean!!! Anyone with me?? (i'm 18, going with my family and twin sis!!) :grin:
  5. Aww thanks everyone!!!! My sis (defensechic8) and I are going to have a party tomorrow night but for tonight, we are going to hang out together and go out to dinner with our boyfriends (kindof a double date) and then go to a mini concert... it'll be fun, Last night our friends threw a party for us which was asweome of them, and crazy!! Thanks again!! :grin: Happy Sails
  6. Woo hoo i love these novels!!! SOry i know its off topic but
  7. Wow... I am very sorry about the loss of your dad, and i'm sure he was a great man... :cry: :cry: I know there are no words to compensate for your loss but you have my greatest sympathy...
  8. School starts either the 8th or 9th of September! SENIOR YEAR BABY!! haha sorry i'm a little excited :grin: Ah well... still enjoying my summer vacation :grin:
  9. School starts either the 8th or 9th of September! SENIOR YEAR BABY!! haha sorry i'm a little excited :grin: Ah well... still enjoying my summer vacation :grin:
  10. Hey, I live in Upstate NY and my mom suggested that since i'm graduating June 2005 and i'll be 18 in Oct. , i can do a lot of new things next summer... that i could look into traveling to Alaska for the Summer and working there, :shocked: has anyone else done this or thought about it?? I think it would be a lot of fun, and in a way get me prepared for college and just be an all around good experience... i still have a lot of research to do mind you, its still just a thought. If i did this, i would attempt to get a Job in a city type area like Ancorage because i would like to go to college in a city (i live in a farm county and just looking at options) My Aunt also did this when she grad. from highschool so i would talk to her... Any thoughts on this rough draft would be greatly appreciated!! THANKS!!! :grin:
  11. YAY my computer is back its great to be on the boards again and email and im and all haha yay
  12. Hey all, i've got to get my computer fixed because it has too many problems, so i won't be on here for a while ( i might go insane in the meantime without this place haha) It might take a few days or weeks im not sure, but i'll be back (soon i hope)!! Happy Sails, Miss ya all when im gone!
  13. Well i guess that i'm glad that i have a Saturn SC2 then huh? haha thanks for the information Jason :wink:
  14. I Love the Sea days because that gives you a chance to explore the ship, and just enjoy the fact that you don't have a care in the world because your on a cruise! haha But i also love the Port days because then you learn about different cultures and other things, so im gonna have to say BOTH haha
  15. It's going to be so great!! I just can't wait!!
  16. I got this one from someone elses signature and i liked it so ... "whether im here or there i can still here the waves and smell the air" At the end they had the date they were sailing or the name of their ship, or something like "cruise 3/5/05 can't come fast enough"
  17. Jason you and your family should come sailing to the Western Caribbean on 3/5/05 Navigator of the Seas!!! haha j/k kinda... I'm hoping to find others sailing with me...
  18. Whos sailing in 2005?? I'm sailing on 3/5/05 Navigator of the Seas to the Western Caribbean Won't you join me?? :grin:
  19. I spent my 4th of July with some of my cruise friends (actually from Thursday till the 4th) And i had a blast with them, and we went to see an Incubus Concert!! It certainly was the best 4th of July weekend ever for me!! Oh yeah and on my way home i saw Fireworks in Albany :grin:
  20. To make my next cruise more enjoyable... i would like to have my friends from my last cruise to sail with me... i dont think its going to happen though... :cry:
  21. How will this affect our Cruising say next Spring... do we know yet or is that something that will show after July 1st?? (Nervous because im going to the Western Caribbean in March) Interesting Post, keep us updated and thanks!!
  22. I'll let you know what my favorite game is after my next cruise on March 5 2005 cuz it will be my first time Gambeling!!! (im 18 in Oct.) hahahaha
  23. Does anyone have any quotes about Cruising?? I'm having problems finding any good quotes about Cruises...
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