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  1. Hey, Crazy4:

    We have a timeshare in Ormond Beach that we go to every year. It was the last week of July, so we took one of the days and went to visit the Magic Kingdom. At our age, it is getting harder to navigate the parks for much more than that.

    We used to take our grandkids when they passed their 5th b'day for their own week. We'd go to all the parks with them and really bonded. It was so fun to watch their eyes light up so much and so often. Actually, the last time I took anyone like that was about three years ago. I had occaision to go to S FL, and asked my bro to go with me, just the two of us. I told him to pack for a week. He is a Disney nut, with Mickey stuff all over his office at home. He had never been. We went to all four parks and a day at Downtown. When we got on the monorail to go into MK the first day, an expression of awe came over his face, and it never left. I wouldn't take anything for that experience.

    Back to cruising, I think you mentioned you are trying a Royal Caribbean ship next time. We've been on a couple of those, and they are great. Only thing is, there is a lot that has charges now that was once part of the ticket. Hold your coins.

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