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  1. Our wedding day, 3/4/2017. ? We were married aboard an 1877 tall ship, The Elissa, and it was perfect. ?
  2. So excited to have Vista coming here... and SO excited about the Havana area!! Any other cruise crazies on this sailing?
  3. Happy May, cruise pals. ? I can't believe some of you are still dealing with cold and snow!! ? It's already so warm here. Too warm!! Stupid blazing never-ending summer is just around the corner... UGH. But for now, at least, we have been having some stellar days, with gorgeous blue skies over the palm trees. I've been so jealous of the people sailing away from here lately because it has just been so beautiful! I do love, though, when I'm walking out of work just in time to see one of the cruise ships go past as it leaves. ? My excitement for the week (or rather, couple of weeks) is that I finally joined the instant pot craze. I thought it was just a hyped-up fad, but that thing is seriously a game-changer!! Especially for busy working stiffs like us who have precious little time and/or energy to deal with dinner. I've even been baking in it -- Made the best cheesecake I've ever put in my face. I ? that pressure cooker! ? Does anyone else here cook with one? Back to work for me... Hope everyone is having a good week so far! -gina-
  4. Woooowwww, love the new digs around here!! I haven't been here in what seems like forever, but I'm happy to be back here now! Jan and Shari, so glad to see you gals are still here! So much has happened since I was last here... Fell crazy in love, got him hooked on cruising, got all married, cruised for our honeymoon, cruised for our first anniversary, have our second anniversary cruise booked for next March. ? And my awesome son -- the reason for my Cruise Rules for Teens and Kids article -- graduates from Texas A&M in two weeks with a Marine Engineering degree! I am SO proud of him, and can't wait until he can cruise with us again. I can't wait to hear what y'all have all been up to! hugs to all, -gina-
  5. Thanks so much, Shari! Wow, Christmas time sounds like it is crazy busy for you!! But getting together with family, especially extended family that you might not get to see all the time, is always special to me. Hopefully it is for you too, and not just stress-causing! Man, the posting problems are very real... I've been trying to post since yeaterday afternoon! Hope it gets fixed super fast -- stuff like that will drive folks away very quickly. The story about "one that got away" (his name is Ray) is pretty short but I like it. We dated for a little while about 15ish years ago. I had been divorced about 5 minutes, had a toddler I was trying to raise, I was a ball of stress. I just had no room for anything new and wasn't coping well with my life at that time. So I kept pushing him away and pulling him back, and back and forth, until finally he didn't come back. I had really liked him... he was one of the very few who kept me on my toes and didn't bore me, but yet was still sweet and a gentleman. I've thought about him often, but after a while I had forgotten most of the details -- I only wistfully remembered how he made me feel. Fast forward to February of this year, and I was on Plenty of Fish (the dating website.) I would spend some time on a few of the sites, hate every guy I talked to, then swear off men and dating for a while. I was stuck in that cycle for a looooooong time, and had decided I was going to be the Crazy Cat Lady on the block. Then I was flipping through profiles one bored evening, and came across this guy... Everything he wrote, it was like he was writing it just to me, it was such a perfect fit. And he was just as big a nerd as me, and I was compelled to write him on the spot. I never, ever wrote to guys first -- the Southern Belle in me just would no way let that happen. But all I knew was, I had to write this guy. I didn't recognize him at *all*... it was like my brain blocked it all out on purpose, because if I had recognized him I don't think I would have written him -- I still felt too bad about how I had treated him before. So in ignorant bliss I wrote him... and he thought I was messing with him, lol. He couldn't believe I didn't recognize him. Finally I did, and I then spent several long emails just apologizing up one end and down the other. I wanted to see him, and he said he was curious to see if I really meant what I said. By the end of that do-over first date, we (both!) knew this was meant to be. As they say, the rest is history. We share a little house with a spoiled chihuahua and two crazy cats, and we marvel at how things happened. We've each been through a lot in those lost 15 years, and those experiences have shaped us a lot - as they tend to do. I'm not sure we would have made it if we had stayed together way back then, but the timing is perfect now. It's amazing to be so crazy in love when I had all but given up on it for so many years! It's a pretty awesome feeling. As far as our upcoming cruise goes, we'll be on Navigator of the Seas for a week in the Western Caribbean out of our homeport in Galveston, about 30 minutes away. Same typical ports - Cozumel, Belize, Roatan - but all new to him! And really, the whole experience feels new to me.... I've never cruised as anything but a mom, lol. The thought of a cruise as a romantic experience is so wonderful to me!! I can't wait! And he's just as excited. From all the pictures and videos and such, he is already convinced he's going to love it just as much as me and keeps saying things like, "Well, when we book for next year..."   Anyways, that's the story. And I apologize -- I said it was short and then it got all drug out unintentionally!   I hope you got your tree all decorated last night! And I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday so far! -gina-
  6. Happy Monday, all... and a big Texas-size HOWDY to all the Cruise Crazies!!! Jan, Ray, Shari, miss reading about all you're up to... Hope all of you are well, as well as all of the other Crazies! So so much has happened the past year... I just got to where I didn't have time to check in as often as most of you, and it got overwhelming trying to catch up so I kinda just gave up. =/ I hate to see how little actual cruising-related posting is going on, especially with how incredibly hard Jason has always worked on these boards, but I'm not sure what can be done to fix that. Hopefully the boards don't go away completely. Let's see... this past year has seen my one and only child graduate from high school, and before that all the insanity (and expenses!) that are Senior year. He is now a Freshmen at Texas A&M University, their special campus on Galveston Island, working towards a Marine Engineering degree. He worked *so* hard all through high school, and ended up going to A&M on full scholarship. Beyond full scholarship -- not only is every expense paid for, but he gets a stipend as well. As a single mom, I can't even tell you what an indescribable gift that is, and a HUGE weight off my shoulders. I'm so proud of him. And bonus for him -- he can see the cruise ships docked right from his dorm window!!! I'm so jealous! This past year also very surprisingly had my path cross with that of "the one who got away", and I've never been happier. It's a long story, but we've been together for 9 months now, and in two months from today we sail on our first cruise together over Valentine's Day. And his very first cruise ever!! We're both unspeakably excited about it. I really miss talking with you guys, and I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm going to do my darndest to stay caught up here this time, lol. Have a great rest of the week!! -gina-
  7. Thanks Jan, thanks everyone! One more sleep!!!! *squeeeee* I know I need to get to sleep soon, but I sure don't see how that's going to happen, LOL... Oh well, I can always take a nice nap poolside later.
  8. Ohmygosh, I didn't even know this was here!! So sorry for ignoring you guys!! Tyler Dean and I are SO excited... only 3 more sleeps!! Since this will be our last vacation together for a good while since he will soon have college to focus on, we have vowed to savor every single moment. He's so happy he gets one last cruise in the teen club. And I can't wait to see the newly-spiffed-up Navigator! I will definitely post about the cruise when we get back... and I'll have a wonderful tropical drink or three for y'all! -gina-
  9. Excellent point, Jan! And ohmygosh, I love your new avatar pic... so incredibly cute!
  10. As long as it's a closed-loop cruise, meaning it departs from and returns to the same port, you can cruise with just your valid driver's license or state-issued i.d., and a certified copy of your birth certificate. Hope this helps! -gina-
  11. Very sad indeed... But every time a story like this pops up -- and it happens way too often -- I wonder to myself where on earth the parents were?!? I remember when my son was that age, I didn't take my eyes off of him for a second if he was in any body of water! And that was with my son having taken swim lessons since he was 2. You just can't be over-vigilant with young kids and even what seems like a very shallow depth of water.
  12. I can't believe you almost didn't get off at Castaway Cay... I'm glad you didn't tell me that ahead of time, I think my head would have exploded, lol. Castaway Cay is simply paradise, especially Serenity Bay! Awesome, thoughtful review. I'm SO glad you had a good time on my favorite ship in the world! Hope you gave Minnie a hug for me. :-) -gina-
  13. Is it later yet?? I wanna hear all about your cruise!!!
  14. Great suggestions, Jason! You are definitely right about packing your own OTC stuff like Tums or Immodium for any stomach-related issues. One cruise, I had made friends with a couple and we were all at the poolside party going on one night. The couple had eaten lots of stuff like tacos and nachos, and the girl had gotten heartburn. She made the innocent mistake of asking the waiter for some Rolaids or Tums or something. He did as he had been instructed and got a supervisor, they both questioned the girl up one side and down another, and she spent more than 20 minutes narrowly avoiding a quarantine by convincing them that she did not in any way have or was coming down with a Norovirus-type illness. It was an eye-opener, and I always pack that stuff now! -gina-
  15. So stupid busy at work this morning, but just wanted to say... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAN!!!! Hope you have a magical day, full of love and laughter and pre-cruise excitement. And many more! -gina-
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