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  1. I too love the 7a cabins on Spirit class ships, they're terrific.
  2. Hello Everyone, I am joining the Ladies Cruise... finally!! Looking forward to getting to know those I don't know, and connecting with old friends as well!
  3. Hello Adam aka Edward we surely do miss you! On all of the various threads you are the friendly topic of much conversation. How are things in your neck of the woods?? Hope all is well with you and your family. I don't post much here, as my slow dialup does not often let me, but do post on the other sites, CLF, CC, CF etc. I lurk here to keep up with things. Give Eve a hug and I hope we hear from you soon. Hey everyone else nice to see ya over here.
  4. Hi Everybody. Hope you are all well, it sounds like it. It looks like maybe the site will let me post today. I feel like a kid who is watching thru the windows while the other kids have fun!!! I have only been able to access a couple of the boards I usually post at, this ol' dialup sucks!! Can you all believe that it is only 9 months from tomorrow that we all finally are aboard the Freedom together? Wow. I found the ol' original thread in November 04, and I think some of you guys, (Joe, Karen, Chris Ernie, Term and Tye for sure) had been talking about this ship for a long time before I found you. Hard to believe. Well, it is cold as heck here, 8 degrees and everything is frozen. I don't want to go outside, but guess I have too. Hope this posts, stay safe everyone. Ciao, Bunti
  5. I would agree with the folks who enjoy leaving from Port Canaveral. Easy access, only an hour or less from the port to the Orlando airport. Have stayed in the Radisson, Courtyard, and the Best Western. All three had their pluses and minuses. Radisson is goregeous and has a great cruise special. They are the only hotel truly in Port Canaveral, the rest are a couple of miles down the road in Cocoa Beach. Best Western is right on the beach and near the boardwalk, but a little older. Right next to about 10 terrific restaurants, and a short walk to shopping. Courtyard was lovely too, but we came in late at night and left early the next morning, so can't say much more than that it looked great, was clean and comfy. We will go again, I am sure.
  6. Rod Taylor and James Garner in "36 Hours"
  7. Actually JBond was wrong, it was LBJ who first wore contacts. But JoeyandDavid earned the right to question fairly by answering the Google/sports question. So your up guy!! Ask away.
  8. Peter Ustinov and Suzanne Pleshette in "Blackbeards Ghost" (sorry Sir Peter)
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