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  1. Thanks Mary Lou! I've been so busy-- I haven't had much time to check out this new area!

  2. Hi Paula - glad you found us over here.

  3. Pre Cruise Dinner Miami Sunday 11/08/2009 7:45-8:00pm Millers Ale House Joey and David Debbie Jim & MaryLou Cindy & Howard Andrea Judson & Louise Steve & Lynda Rose & Howie Paula Group Dinner Specialty Restaurant $30.00 pp cover charge (wine extra) Joey and David Debbie Jim & MaryLou Paula Cindy & Howard Rose & Howie James & Donna Steve & Lynda Judson & Louise Andrea Slot Pull (MaryLou in charge) Wednesday 11/11@ 11:00AM The way it works: We will pick, at random, a $1 machine that plays a max of 3 credits per turn. The cost of participation is $21. per person. 1)Each participant with have 7 turns on the machine. 2)At the end of the persons turn, the credits are left in the machine and the next person adds their $21 to the machine. 3)After everyone has gone, we cash out and the winnings are distributed evenly among all the participants. Joey Debbie Jim & MaryLou Paula Cindy & Howard Rose & Howie KarenG Steve & Lynda Andrea Judson Game day (Need Host/Organizer) Card games, board games, fun games Joey Jim Howard Debbie MaryLou Andrea Scavenger Hunt (A 15 item list) (Joey is officiating) Debbie Jim & MaryLou Paula Cindy & Howard Rose & Howie James & Donna Steve & Lynda Judson & Louise Andrea CruiseCrazie Trivia Team Joey and or David Debbie Howard MaryLou James & Donna Steve & Lynda Andrea Paula Count me in on the pre-cruise dinner and team trivia. I'm a trivia fanatic. My specialties are science and math and I do pretty well with music. Hyperion will want to join a trivia team as well and he can be expected to make great contributions with music (of course) as well as history and politics.
  4. The group photo idea sounds great! I guess I need to order my T-shirt! Group Dinner Specialty Restaurant $30.00 pp cover charge (wine extra) Joey and David Debbie Jim & MaryLou Paula Slot Pull (MaryLou in charge) Joey Debbie Jim & MaryLou Paula Scavenger Hunt (A 15 item list) Joey is officiating. Debbie Jim & MaryLou Paula
  5. Actually, it is possible to get through a long cruise without doing laundry. I've done it a few times with no problems! On my most recent cruise with HAL, it was a 15 day cruise and I had to pack for a 50 degree temperature swing. I'm pleased to say I was able to do with it 2 suitcases, stayed within weight limits, and no onboard laundry! I will be wearing 3 different formal dresses for this cruise. As a side note, a woman I met on my most recent cruise, was able to get by with only one medium-sized suitcase! I was really impressed!
  6. Happy Anniversary Lynda & Steve! Thanks for the menu, Joey. It brings back fond memories of the specialty restaurants on Celebrity. They are all incredible!! Can't wait to go again!
  7. I do not have my air booked yet. I am waiting to see what Southwest offers when they open up their seats for November. I am considering booking my flight down on Jet Blue in the meantime, though. They have a direct flight to FLL arriving around 10 am on Sunday and it's still reasonably priced. I'm running into more problems finding a decent flight home. Hopefully, Southwest will come through! I know I have been away for a while, but could someone fill me in the trinket exchange? I gather I'm supposed to bring something from home, but don't know the rest of the details!
  8. Hi Howie! I haven't had much chance to look at the excursions in detail yet. But I am considering doing the America's Cup again. I loved it so much the first time and there really isn't anything else in St. Maarten that I'm interested in-- I guess I've been there too many times!! But, I will give it some serious thought and let you know. Most likely, I will decide to book it and we can go together!
  9. Thanks! Actually, neither-- I'm really not a wine drinker. But, if I have to choose-- white.
  10. Hi Everyone! I'm back from my HAL cruise! I must say I was very impressed. The food and service were excellent. Actually far better than my last Celebrity Cruise. The Connie this fall has a lot to live up to. Of course, the Maasdam is much smaller and older and not nearly as pretty as the M-class ships, but she was well-maintained. The standard cabins are also a bit bigger. The biggest downfall that I can see with HAL is the entertainment. I am a big fan of going to the shows, but they were so bad, that after the first few, I gave up. So, what have I missed on the Roll Call? I know I won't have time to go back and try to catch up-- so if someone can just quickly summarize any important discussions, I'd appreciate it. I am now suffering the post-cruise blues. Thank goodness the best remedy is having another cruise booked! So, now I can concentrate fully on our Crazie Connie Cruise!
  11. Hi Everyone! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've checked in. I've been so preoccupied with planning my HAL cruise in May. I'm so excited to be cruising again! Joey, please count me on the shuttle from the hotel. I have yet to make reservations or take care of my flights (like I said-- the HAL cruise has been my focus) to Miami. Just to verify with you--- when I call the HI (Doral, right?) I need to tell them I'm part of the Crazies and ask for Flo? I would also like to own a piece of your art work. I do not have a Cruise Crazie pin yet and I don't want to be left out of the fun! If your Millie cruise pin was any indication, I'm sure this pin is beautiful! Have a great week!
  12. Good Morning All! Please sign me up for the slot pull. I did one on my last Connie cruise and it was great fun! I contributed $21 and walked away with $26-- but at least we didn't lose! If I may make a suggestion, we found it to be very helpful if everyone tries to have small bills-- particularly singles so that it's easier to make change when paying everyone at the end. I've visited all of the ports before-- but I guess I'm looking forward to Barbados the most. I was only there for a very short time 8 years ago. It will be nice to see more of the island this time.
  13. Hi Everyone! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted. I've been totally wrapped up in booking a last minute cruise. I was presented with a fabulous opportunity to do a 15 night Holland America cruise with a very interesting itinerary. I leave May 8th, so it's been crazy trying to coordinate everything! Welcome to Deb & Andrea-- I'm looking forward to getting to know you! As far as the dinner seatings-- I'm happy to be included--- since I'm traveling alone (sort of) I welcome the company! And I did want to add that on the Connie, they can accommodate a party of 10. I was part of a group of 10 and we were seated on the first level near the windows. When my friend was able to join us, they were able to expand the table to 12. And Joey, whatever you plan, I'm up for. You know I am an adventurous girl!
  14. Since we all seem to sharing our cruise rituals, I will add mine as well. I am definitely a morning person. It doesn't matter how late I go to bed, I always seem to wake up early. On sea days, the first thing I do is head up to the jogging track to get my power-walk in. I love being up early and feeling the fresh ocean air as I get my exercise. Of course, on a busy port day, that walk often does not happen. But, in any case, I will then head to buffet for breakfast--- I love those waffles! In the evening, I always attend the shows. I find that there are very few that I don't enjoy. Of course, there are certain entertainers that I would never dream of missing! I have always made a point of having dinner in the dining room, but I have to admit after my last Connie cruise, that dedication has diminished some. We had absolutely horrible service in the MDR, and the food quality had suffered quite a bit. We tried the Casual Dining one night and I was very impressed. If the service continues to suffer, I may continue my visits to Casual Dining or consider other options!
  15. did you get any of that great memphis BBQ? Yep-- sure did!! Yum! Thanks Mary Lou!
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