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  1. Perhaps by the time you take the TA trip, the line will get its act together. (I did hear from one person that Azamara intends to increase its price structure next year and compete with Oceania. But I thought that was the class that Azamara announced it already was in!!!) Maybe this is the time to book and wait.
  2. Just yesterday we were looking at the Azamara's transatlantic for 2009. Can't beat the price! I want to do it in Dec back to FL.. I am patiently waiting... Hi Joey, Based on the reports I have had from friends who have been on Azamara, I already cancelled the trip on Journey I booked for mid-June, rebooked on the Quest for a trip in mid October, and am about to cancel that one. It seems to me that Azamara is trying to created a "pseudo" place for itself in the cruise industry, and is missing the boat -- so to speak. I hoped that the line would get her act together, but from the reports I have received that does not seem to be the case. The line seems to be engaged in "nickel and diming"-- (I guess the cold towel on returning from excursions is one of the few free benefits aboard. They are even charging a ridiculous amount for the use of the "therapy" pool!!! Ah well, back to the drawing boards. Perhaps it's time for more river cruises. Avie
  3. Hi, Yes, that is the cruise we were on! Since my original post, we had a few scheduling conflicts, and we are now scheduled on the Quest on October 11 from Rome to Athens (with Turkey, Alexandria, Egypt, and other ports in between. Right now we hve been busy cancelling our original arrangements and getting new ones. I believe that Alla tours is the way to go. Avie
  4. Off to st. Petersburg from Copenhagen in June. It's time to give Azamara a try! Avie
  5. Cheryl, Thanks for the info. I guess we'll pass on the Dom Perignon, and concentrate on the local beers! But no decisions on the restaurants as yet! Probably, herring in various forms and pastries sounds like a plan. Our best to Ole. Happy New Year. Avie
  6. Thanks. Yes, we'll be spending a day in Tallinn. And we looking forward to the three days in St. Petes. We just engaged a private tour there. To get the most flexability, I opted to the tour for two. Of course, if another couple wants to join us, we're always open to adding them. We're also spending two days in Copenhagen prior to boarding the ship. We'd welcome any suggestions you have to sghts, restaurants, etc. Have a very happy holiday. Avie
  7. Tried an inside cabin 30 years ago -- I found that I missed the outside world. That trip was the last one!!! I did spend alot of time in public rooms, etc. (At the time there was an abundance of public areas on the ships.) I am anxious to hear about your upcoming experience. Avie
  8. Definitely bottom line. Another else reminds me of the scam artists on the web who quote an attractive price for photo items,but fail to advise that the quoted price does not include a US warranty or the items (battery, battery charger, cables, etc.) that they have stripped from the factory packaging!!! Avie
  9. It varies according to whim! Prefer breakfast in the room (or veranda) when we have a relatively early shore excursion or wish to see a particular point of interest; otherwise, its the dining room. Lunch in various venues throughout the ship with the exception of the main buffet. Dinner in the dining room; also try to hit the specialty or alternative dining venues at least once per trip. Avie
  10. Walked through once -- that was sufficient! Avie
  11. Hi, We're off to Northern Europe on Azamara (Celebrity's new line) in June. The smaller ship (approx. 700 passengers) is most appealing! Hopefully, by the time we leave, the minor glitches aboard will have been corrected. The Journey is one of the R ships that have been been renovated. Is anyone joining us? Avie
  12. Congrats!!! We have to settle for a double stack (also for the first time) -- We've decided to downsize this time. Off to Vienna on the 25th for a Viking river cruise through Germany to Amsterdam (about 150 people max). And then through Scandinavia, 3 days in St. Pete, and back to Copenhagen on Azamara Journey in mid-June (rated 710 passengers). I guess it's time to keep the tux in mothballs for a while. Avie
  13. GM, Joey, suggest you go to the IRS tax site -- www.irs.gov -- in the search box, type in "How long should I keep records" -- click on the appropriate listing that comes up (it should be the first one) -- After reading it, I'm sure you will still be confused. The short answer is probably 3 yrs. after you file and pay, or 3 yrs. after the date the tax is due -- whichever is later. But, of course, there are exceptions. However, I'm not giving tax advice, so you should not rely on anything I say!!! (If you believe I am weaseling, you are correct.)
  14. We had no problems, but the temperature has been dropping since we arrived. Hope it's not an omen that I should retire and enjoy the warmer climes. I will post a brief blurb about the cabin as soon as I get though the e-mail, spam, and telephone calls. Thanks for the suggestion. Re: your concerns about the Summit -- could one of the problems be the decrease in crew size? Betty thinks that is the root. According to a few websites, the crew is listed as 997-999. That is significantly higher than the listing provided on board. And we know X is not going to decrease the crew in the various "profit centers."
  15. Brrrrrrrr- perhaps we should have booked a B2B; the 80's and 90's sound good!!!
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