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  1. I have booked a cruise for next July on NCL Majesty( RCC will be limiting its cruises out of Baltimore). Was wondering if anyone has been on her recently. I am booked in an AB Suite. Can anyone give me some insight- have never been on Norwegian Cruise Line before.
  2. Thank you all for the wonderful wishes. A year ago this time I wasn't sure that I woulfd be seeing this Birthday. I had surgery and in October I took my cruise out of Baltimore. Still not well. Bent over and really not sure that the surgery did any good. Now here it is April- made it to this Birthday and I am feeling better every day!!!! I thank everyone for their well wishes. Cruise Crazies are the best people. The only disappointment I have now is that The Grandeur won't be leaving as often from Baltimore, and I may not be able to travel on her again. Thanks everyone for your good wishes, and thanks to the surgeon who helped me get my life back!!!!
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  4. Click here to view the cruise review
  5. Agreed I did not take the cruise for the entertainment- and although the casino is fun for an hour or two- I think I gave them enough money without putting all of my extra cash into the machines. I also do not like to spend all my nite in the nightclubs. I also did not take the cruise just to drink.... it just would have been nice to see a movie maybe or something other than a juggler or magician. A singer or even another comedian would have been better. This was a very enjoyable cruise however........
  6. I just returned from the Grandeur Sunday. Loved the cruise- but the signers and dancers were just ok , the comedian was very good - but why would you book a juggler and a magician for Adults.... Most of the audience was bored. The cruise was great- Royal Carribean needs to work on the entertainment.
  7. Just wanted to say I am back from the cruise and I submitted a review. It was GREAT!!!!!
  8. Thanks for all the good wishes. Now all I need to do is pack and go. I will write a review on my return. Thanks again........!!!!!!
  9. Welcome...I'm new myself - but this has been a very helpful site. Glad to have you aboard.
  10. Goodmorning to all. It's gloomy here in Baltimore. I'm at work and glad not to be out in the drizzil. Only 3 weeks and I'll be in a sunnier climate.
  11. I thank you both for the doc dance. I noticed the reference to Ballroom dancing. Are you watching Daning with the Stars. I used to love being in the Dance competitions. It was the greatest. Met fun people and went to some great places. Guess it was natural to then get into Cruising,... meet even more fun people and go to even more great places.
  12. Only 22 days!!! Am I counting... you betcha!!!!!! Thanks you for all the good wishes. I hope to supply you with a great review when I get back!!!!
  13. 29 daqs until I leave. Can't wait .... thought I was just a little excited - now I am really excited!!!! Bermuda here I come.
  14. I'm replying to my own post. It seems that the Grandeur is not very popular.... obviouly because it is not one of the newer ships, it's out of Baltimore and not many people are interested in a short cruise. What can I say..... I thank those who have viewed my post.
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