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"This trip I would take again in a minute. Thank you Royal Carribean for a trip to remember!!!!!!"


Sail Date:10/08/2006
Departed From:
# of Nights: 
Cabin Type: 
Sailed As: 


Overall Value:
Overall Rating: 


When I first signed up on Cruisecrazies I was hoping to find some reviews about the Grandeur. There was only one- now 2, so now that I am back from my Cruise I thought I'd share with you want I experienced.

I live in Baltimore, but had not taken advantage of leaving from here for a cruise. I booked this cruise - thinking of my parents - who are older and realizing that air ports and such can be very confusing. So here goes:

I live in Owings mills- about 30 minutes from the port- we left home at 11:00 and got to the Port around 11:30. We were directed to the luggage drop off point and then proceeded to park at the port.( $10.00 a day- reasonable and good parking). I had our set sail passes and our drivers licenses, and birth certificates for check in. Went trough the security check points easily( I walk with 2 canes, so it could have been a lot of trouble). Went directly to the check in window where the Royal Carribean agent checked our papers. This was so fast and easy, no long wait and was having our welcome aboard picture taken and on board by 12:15. As our room was not yet ready - we proceeded to Deck 9 - The Windjammer cafe and found ourselves a table. The food was hot, pleantiful and good.( My Dad is a picky eater and even he was happy). The waiters came around and asked if you wanted a cocktail, and I had a pina colada. ( Very strong). After filling our stomachs- we went to find our room. We were on Deck 8 room 8500 the Royal Suite. What a room!!!! our luggage had been delivered so we brought it in and began to unpack. The suite is stupendious. There is a dining area complete with a marble topped table, a bar area, and living room complete with a baby Grand piano. The bedroom , with the King size bed and a bathroom big enough for an army.. WOW!!!!!! We had a dozen red rosed on the piano, a bottle of Champage, and a plate of cheese waiting for us. After packing we had the drill. Mandatory- it was conducted with ease and we were done and underway to Bermuda within a half hour. We atrted to encounter some rough waters right away. At dinner that night- we found that our table did not have room for us, so we were reseated on the main level at a table for 3. We had a very good witer , Alfredo and his assistant was Cyrus. It took Cyrus a little while to get to know us but by Thursday he had our drinks and everything else down to a science. And the there was Gerard. He was the Cocktail Guy- he and I got along great. The first night he brought around little after dinner loving cups of Baily's and we were friends after that.

The Great Gatsby's food every night was very good- good selection and very well seasoned. Something for everyone no matter how pickey.( And yes there is a formal night- on the 5 day it is Monday night- and there is a Lobster served on Thursday on the seafood plater). All of our dinners were eaten in the Gatsby, our breakfast was at the Windjammer or room service. At the windjammer the eggs, bascon, salmon, rolls everything was very well stocked and good to eat. There was ceral, juice, and anything you would want to eat. The shows were alright.... the dancers and singers seemed a little green yet... some tried to out do others, but on the whole the shows were good. They also had a comedian that was really funny, and a very good juggler( not what I would pay to see but it was there) and a Magician- who just didn't pack a punch if you know what I mean. The Teater was beautiful - and the advantage of the little sofa's in the back were great for those of us who are not a size 10.

Did not go to many of the lounges- my parents cannot drink, but did spend some time in the Casino. Gave them a good share of money, won a little lost more. That was a good time thought and everyone there seemed to be having a good time. Before meals most people gathered in the Centrum lobby- goes up 8 floors and is all glass. The music was wonderful and people were on the floor dancing. It was really nice.

King's Warf is not the hustling bustling city like Hamilton, but it was similar to the Annapolis Harbour and for me and my family that was fine. The boat arranged for shuttle buses to and from the boat to the ferry line ( the walk was about a mile and a half). Most people were out on tours or excursion. We took a carriage ride with a guide named Crystal. It was very nice and we saw some of the Warf area. On Wednesday we took the Trolly ride and the Guide went into the history of Bermuda and was very informative. He dropped us at the shopping malland we spent some time looking at items and buying some gifts. A few feet away from the mall was the bus and back to the boat.

We set sail for Baltimore at 4pm, and although it was a little cloudy - it was not like Monday with the rough seas. Fiday was our last day on the Gradeur- it was spent looking at different are's on the ship, taking pictures and buying pictyres taken on board.( Lots of photographers- lots of picture- and they don't pressure you to have them taken or to buy them) Our last nights dinner was very good and we gave our servers their tips, and hoped to see them again on another cruise.

Wewere in the Port of Baltimore by 7am, and left our room( had to be out by 8am) and sat in the Palladium Theater until they called our tag colour. We then proceeded to find our luggage, and a porter to take us to our car. Passed through cutoms and were in our car and on the way home by 9:30.

This trip I would take again in a minute. The Embarcation and Debarcation was very easy( especially for someone who walks with canes), and all of the staff on board and on land could not do enough to help you. Thank you Royal Carribean for a trip to remember!!!!!!

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