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  1. I'M BAAAAAAACK! Well, here's how the first cruise went. It...............Was...........Out.........of this WORLD No rough seas. Great weather. Hubby is actually NOT ruling out the idea of another! Vertigo didn't bother me, (of course I started my medication two weeks before hand), until we got off. No biggy. just an up and down motion. Onward......We left the DC area on Saturday and landed in Orlando in pouring rain. Not fun. Everyone stayed at my sister in laws that night. Embark took longer than I had anticipated. We must have all got there at the same time. Insert thought: note: Michael twisted his back at work the day before we left. This plays thoughout the trip. After wrangling over a wheel chair for my father in law (that my sister in law ordered) we found out we couldn't take it on board, (Carnival supplied one that is). The thought was to use it for Michael since he was in so much pain. But we would have had to give it up at the gang plank. Go figure! Ship: Starting to show her age. Colors were at one time very Bright. Their rather dull now. Cabins were quite roomy. Not what I expected at all. The kids destroyed our towel animal the first night before I could get a picture so I had our steward put them on the windowsill after that. First night: I scheduled back massages for myself and Michael. We did the special and also got a foot and hand & arm massage as well. Bought something, (Bad Melanie! Bad Melanie!). Michael was so relaxed he fell asleep early so I was on my own. Found the piano bar. What a hoot! mostly wandered the ship to get my bearings. Sat up on deck with the in laws later in the evening. Lost all six kids! (not really) Just didn't see much of them the whole trip when we were on board. Freeport: Did the Junkanoo Beach Party. Was not prepared for the warm water. It was incredible! Also wasn't ready for the color of the water. Almost didn't look real. Not a bad place but definatley OOLLDD. But alot of fun. The kids did the Banana boat ride and had a blast. The egg toss was funny. Bought my only Bahamas souvy; a grass fan. Will have fun with it at Ren Faire this year along with my carved coconut. Went to the stage show that night. Advice. Do not sit in the front row! It's really hard to watch. The inlaws went to the midnight adult comedy show. They said it was outrageous. The kids went around the ship to every photo op without us knowing. I wanted to buy all of them. They got some really great shots. We had a picture of all 13 of us taken on the stairs in the Grand Atrium. Bought that one. It's the only picture I know of with all of us together. I should mention it was formal night. We had a variety of outfits show up. From my father in law in a tux t shirt to me in a sparkly dress. Oh yeah, we were a sight. Toon in tomorrow for the last two days, (my poor computer has no memory left on the hard drive and this is takeing a toll).
  2. Afternoon all! Joey....The last rumor on the lot was......nothing. Their going to let it sit for a while and keep an eye on the market and sell it when the price is right. We'll see what happens though. Sitting here typing this while I'm fighting with Parker's cell lphone carrier He's had the phone less than a year, it died, it was covered under warranty and replace. Now none of his rings tones or games will transfer and they refuse to give a credit for them. I think I'll scream!!!!! Think happy thoughts....Think happy thoughts. Go to the happy place Mel!
  3. Good morning Crazies!!!!! Just sitting here while the Insurance Rep talks to my employees about our plans. Schooools......Out...For... Summer! Parker is working in the warehouse here to earn some spending cash for the cruise. Renee' is just being a social butterfly. I think the child has been home one day since the 14th. The girl worries me. Michael harvested the first Zucchini last night! Going to grill it up tonight. Lettuce is ready and the first cucumber is ready also. Grapes are getting big. The peppers are going CRAZY!!!! I forgot that one of the plants we got was a Chilie. The plant itself is fairly small but the the chilies are HUUUUGE! Michael is already planning out next seasons garden. Well, Micahel was made Service Manager with his company. More headaches less time at home. We're all melting here. Took the kids to a little adventure park yesterday afternoon. Thank God for the Bumper Boats! We were soaked when we got off. I was the only adult so all of the kids chased me around and pushed me under the waterfall to get me wet. Heathens. The building across the street is now gone. It was wild watching it go down. They filled in the hole with the crushed up remains of the bricks that were once the building. Not too much gooing on right now. Trying to take things slow so Summer doesn't go by too fast.
  4. This is the book I"ll have on the cruise next month. That is of course if I haven't read it before we set sail
  5. Good Morning Everyone! I know, I know. I haven't been around much. Smack the back of my hand. Well, things here in Maryland are good. It's going to cool here today (75 - 80). We go back to summer temps this weekend though. Garden is growing and takeing over the one side of my house now. Grapes on the vine, first peppers are appearing, first tomato has shown up, lettuce is gettin big, (still have no idea what I'm doing with it though, but I guess it's working). Parker's last day of school was yesterday. Renees' is tomorrow. Going to the MVA on Friday to get them picture ID's for the trip. They lost their school ID's. Have started thinking about new garb for Ren Faire. Need to look for materials and find some new patterns or at least new ideas. Have to take Michael's garb in to the tailor for a new lining. Need to make Parker a new pirate shirt this year. He wants REALLY puffy sleeves. Lucky mom. Not much else for now. Catch ya'all in the a.m.
  6. Can anyone tell me what time the Straw Market and shops around the pier open and close? We have to book a snorkeling tour through a private company since the ones offered through Carnival are booked already (July 31!!!!) and I want to do some shopping. Thanks Much All.
  7. Getting Excited now! Thought I had seen a roll call for this already? Maybe I was wrong Anywhoo....Anyone else on this one. It will be our first.
  8. This cruise and group look like FUN!!! Please, Please, pleeeeease may I have info on this cruise? Are there special rates for this group or do I just book it? Have a good day all!!!
  9. O.K. So why is it that everyone responding to this one has the "Troublemakers" banners? Is that a hint! Haven't had the pleasure of "Chair Hogs" yet. Can't wait though . My hubby, whom I refer to as "The walking wall", should come in quite handy. This thread is too funny.
  10. Afternoon All! We've been sadly watching the building across the street from our warehouse being demolished for the past week and a half. Still haven't figured what is going in. Hear one thing one day something else the next. I say sadly as I see soooo many older buildings, barns and houses and such going away to make room for the next thing. I work in Frederick MD in the historic area. Some the buildings in this area have been around since before the Civil War. Our old attorneys' office was in the building that was used as the surgical hospital during the Monocacy battle. Granted, the building across the street was built in the 1950's, but it had character. Just don't like loosing them. Anyway, looks like it will be gone tomorrow or Thursday. I may be lucky, but I've had two root canals and didn't have any complications from either one. But oooh icky!! Don't like em anyway! Workers Comp.....We've been in business four years and had not one claim. Now in the last 45 days we've had three, two on the same person. Just got the last of her paper work over to them this a.m. so they would approve her surgery later this week, (she broke her wrist). You know, the other bandit is the Veterans Administration. Lordy, some of the battles I went through for dad with those people! But in the end it always worked out. Paitence is the answer I guess. We still need to get our dogs in for their check ups and shots. Need to get that done soon! I love new puppies! Of course I love my puppies most (11 and 1). Not too much going on today. Hubby just called me from Home Depot. He's picking up the wood for the container for my lettuce. The green beans sprouted yesterday. Hopefully they'll be ready for planting this weekend. He finished planting everything else last night. Well, need to work (I think that's why they give me a paycheck!). Catch ya all tomorrow.
  11. Happy Monday Whoo! there's alot going on here! Still haven't caught up on all my reading. Last week was little chaotic without the boss but not too bad. Michael was on call last week. He got 29 hours of over time, 6 hours of double time and his regular 40. To say the least, we didn't see much of him. He's taking me out to dinner tonight for Mothers Day. My kids tried to make me breakfast yesterday. Nothing like runny scambled eggs and cold toast, (best breakfast I've ever had). Well, we have all of the plants for the veggie garden finally. Michael has to build one last container though. I picked up some lettuce plants this weekend and have no place to plant them. First time for lettuce. Have no idea what I'm doing. The only thing I knew was that it was too late to plant seeds for them. Got lucky finding the plants! Zebra: A "designer" is a nice way of saying "Mut". Out designer is part dalmation and part retriever. His mother was the dalmation and was our Shatzie (sweetheart). We had her from the time she was 8 weeks old. We lost her this past September. You couldn't seperate them. We got the dachsund last March because we were pretty sure that Shatzie wasn't going to be around for very longer and we were afraid Porthos (designer) would die from anxiety. Someone forgot to tell me that dachsunds can put a beaver to shame when it comes to chewing! She's pretty cute though. She almost has daddy wrapped around her paw. Hey Iron Tom Flint! Be Ye a Pirate? Some of your cruises look like fun! May have to get info on them and run them past me crew. I.R.S. ..... I'm not going there! No. Never had any problems with them and don't intend to either! Michael is a diabetic. Doc changed the medication that he takes at night. Caused him to gain a lot a weight that he can't get rid of. He has to make a new appointment for his six month. I don't know about the rest of you, but once your diagnosed here in MD, the MVA follows you like a blue tick hound. Put a message up on my class reunion board last week. Suggested we do a cruise. I'll have to see what happens. Still trying to come up with something really good for PK for his birthday on board ship. Threatened him with a video pictorial of him to be played at the teen party that night. (hmmmmm I wonder......). Nah...that would be cruel. Well, I should probably get back to work. See ya all later!!!
  12. Helllloooo Allll! Have been really, really busy at the 'ole office since I was out. Trying to get the boss outta here for a short vacation. Whooo. He left Friday a.m. Things are quiet now. Michael built a new garden container over the weekend. He wants to add more plants to the veggie garden this year. Picked up most of the plants as well. Forgot Zucini. Didnt' realize how big my grape plant had gotten. This will hopefully be the first year we harvest from it. Have to start to germinate my green bean seeds tonight. Well, the count down is on for the cruise. Michael has finally asked how much is still owed. Filled out the pre-boarding stuff on line a week ago. Have received three of the four birth certificates we need. Think I'll order a couple extras and send to our emergency contact for safe keeping. Cosidering it's my brother, I should probably wait and send everything to my sister-in-law! Need to get the dogs in to update all of their shots and reserve their boarding. Oh, speaking of the dogs....When I got home last Friday night, my couch had gone to that great big flea market in the sky. The dogs ate my couch. A dachsund and a "designer" ate<] my couch. I didn't know if I should cry or laugh. Will have to go backwards and read up on whats been going on with everyone. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still out here.
  13. Hello again everyone. Was down and out for a few days. The lovely storm system that blew through here and lingered for a couple of days, set off my vertigo. Couldn't get out of bed. Meclizine wasn't touching it the first day. Feeling much better now. Got a little bit of yard work done yesterday. Renee' got a hamster over the weekend for making honor roll. Little ninny got out of his cage, (not a good thing with a dachsund and cat in the house!). Tore the place apart to find him......he got back in his cage on his own. Locked him up in my bedroom today to keep the other members of the household away from him. Not too much going on. Have a lot of work to catch up on now though. Wish this beautiful weather would stick around. We're going to be in the mid 80's today with rain and cooler temps mid week. Means I need to put the grass seed down. Catch up with everyone later.......
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