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  1. We went on the Legend in Feb 2007- the itinerary was a little different- the 1st week -Panama Canal, Costa Rica, and Belize; the 2nd week St Martin, St. Lucia, and St. Kitts. We went to see the Altun ruins in Belize- it was a great tour. Even the bus ride out to the ruins was interesting- you go by different areas, so many kinds of housing from the rich to the poor.
  2. Once we missed the private island because of some kind of work on the island- they took us to Nassau instead-not usually my favorite stop, but it was some kind of holiday and we got caught up in a parade where they pounded on steel drums and other percussion instruments- it was so loud you couldn't hear yourself scream-Yes! I tried! We went to the straw market and my son-in-law went para-sailing, so not a bad day. At the straw market I had my whole head braided- looked awful, but it was so relaxing.
  3. When you speak of the buffet and eating by the pool, not missing the sun- we've done that before- but, what about in Alaska?
  4. Charlie and I like to do 2 7-day back-to-back cruises. We were on an 11 night cruise once and my husband said that it was a floating nursing home- no one on board who had a job--so, he likes to do b2bs and have a wider age range, even tho he's been retired for 10 years. I guess a few old ones are fun, but a ship load is a drag! This summer it should be an older crowd in Alaska, but he'll just have to suck it up!
  5. I'd have to say Cozumel- it's not the scenary, or the activities, it's the stores--for some reason, while my husband can resist the temptation of jewelry stores most places, in Cozumel he has dropped significant cash on diamonds and tanzanite. I walk along, and then suddenly he's gone. I find him in Diamonds International and I end up with something pretty. I told him that they have big jewelry stores in Alaska, too, but it's something in the air in Cozumel, so I guess I'll have to just "make-do" with only a fabulous vacation.
  6. In our youth we dined late, but now we prefer the early seating. We've had tables for as many as 8- sometimes it has been filled with our friends and family and other times we traveled alone, so we met new people. Sometimes it has been pleasant- interesting people- perhaps not someone you'd spend alot of time with , but nice companions for an hour or so. Then there were the horror stories--The Canadians who spoke in French to one another with a few words to us from time to time, the "low-speakers" who muttered continually- I have no idea what she said! ( we were at a table for 8- 3 separate couples- the 3rd couple beat us to leaving the table and we didn't want to offend the older couple by leaving as well- although since it was an 11 night cruise, I have since decided that sometimes you have to just go.) And the complainers- why do they ever leave their homes?
  7. corian is easy to care for- general wiping- once in a while wipe down with either denatured alcohol or WD40 and buff. If , god forefend, you hurt the countertop by cutting or burning it , they can cut out the bad spot and replace it- you would not even be able to find where the bad spot had been.
  8. This is my 2nd home with corian countertops and I love them- beautiful, easy to care for, easy to fix if anything would ever happen to them.
  9. In the 80s my husband and I traveled with his parents-late 70s both short- he was 5 foot and she was about an inch shorter- attractive people, very dapper dressers. Well, we were on the old Carla C, sailing out of San Juan, going to St. Thomas, Martinique, Grenada, Curacao, and Venezula. The Cruise director had an international group on his hands- all his presentations and jokes had to be repeated in 5 languages-English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. We never found out exactly who the Mexican and South American people thought they were, but they sure thought Rose and Cliff were some kind of celebrity. Whenever we walked into the showrooms all the video cameras would swing our way, people would come to have their pictures taken with them and give them gifts, People would edge us out of the way for the chance to sit next to them(OH-NO!! I can sit next to my mother-in-law!). We tried to ask one lady, but the language barrier was too much, and at the time- my 1st cruise- I didn't care all that much-I was having a good time. We even have pictures of Rose strolling on the ship with the captain . So, while we didn't have a brush with fame, a bunch of folks on the Carla C thought that they did!
  10. Hi- My husband and I are booked on a Princess Arctic cruisetour leaving Aug 18th. We fly to Anchorage- then Denali, Fairbanks, Coldfoot, Prudhoe Bay (Deadhorse), fly back to Anchorage and then go to Whittier and board the Coral Princess. We are really looking forward to this- any info about the trip is welcome- We've cruised 11 times, but this is the first time to Alaska.
  11. Right at Willemstad- 2 different cruiselines-you can just get off and the town is right there- to get to the other side ( the ships docks in a canal) you can go on a floating bridge or take a water taxi.
  12. Hi- we've been there twice (almost 15 years apart)- we like the floating bridge and waterside cafes- the one we went to had as it's only bathroom facility a toilet enclosed on 3 sides, but totally open to the canal. There is a tree down by the police station(?)- it has a graphic carving of a naked woman on it- it was there the first time we went, so we looked for it again- they have put a finish on it to protect the carving. The casinos are fun- nickel and dime slots. The pastel colored buildings are very pretty
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