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  1. Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  2. My thing is I have to work at customer service that morning. You know there will be no returns and I will be making everyone mad because I will not be able to do any sales there and will be watching everyone lined up clear through the store waiting to check out. I think may be I will just hide. I have always worked at the jewlery counter the day after (for which it is very busy) this is the first year back at customer service. I am sure to be yelled at and cussed out by someone.
  3. I get to be one of the lucky ones that get to work Black Friday instead of shopping. I get to be at Kohl's at 3:45 a.m. we open at 4 a.m. and than do not get off until 1. It is crazy every year we will see what this year brings.
  4. Hello all. Just wanted to jump on board for a moment to say I am still around. Very busy still around here, I thought it would calm down after the wedding but I was wrong. The wedding was wonderful and everything went great. The week after the wedding my son and daughter-in-law stopped by to tell us that we would be grandparents (for the first time) around the first of July. So exicited about this. Had a party last weekend for our up coming cruise. We now have 32 couples going. Instead of leaving on 1/31 in the evening for FLL we are leaving at 8:30 in the morning which is just fine with me I can take an additional day in the warm sunshine. Having thanksgiving here but also getting ready for the busy season at Kohl's. We open at 4 am the day after. Flying to Orlando 12/11. Was suppose to watch my neice and nephews in the Orlando Ballet perfomance of the Nutcracker, but they have now changed it to dress reherasals that weekend and we are not allowed in. Guess that means we will have to go to Disney to see the xmas decor. Well better get back to work. Hope everyone is doing great and has a good holiday season.
  5. Good evening/morning I would guess. Another one of those night where to many things are running through the mind to sleep. Cheryl - I am still working at Kohl's. This month with the wedding my time is rather limited with them. As I told them that by the time the wedding is over they may not be very happy with me for all the time that I have asked off. Oh, well they will get over it. This weekend is my class reunion. Did not go tonight for we were suppose to attend our high school's homecoming game. Had to go pick up the wedding dress after having it altered and pressed. Tomorrow evening is a dinner and Sunday is a picnic. Next weekend is the Bacholor/Bacholorette parties, and than the big weekend we have been planning for over a year. Well off to bed again and maybe I can sleep this time.
  6. Hi all!! I am still here and kicking. Been a very busy few months and now we have just 17 days until the wedding. My, how time has went bye. Got everyone moved out and into their own places so now our place is pretty quiet. Glad to see everyone is doing well here. Joey - Congrats on the wedding. Ed - Hope Roe gets along well tomorrow. Our prayers are with her. Well just thought I would pop in real quick and check on everyone, have checked in a couple of times but did not have time to post. Everyone take care and have a great October.
  7. We used to have a Bennigan's in Indianapolis and they shut it about 9 months ago. There was a Steak and Ale in Indy also that my sister went to two weekends ago and she said the food and the service was horrible. She ask the waiter for a new knife to cut her steak because it had fell on the floor and he never did bring her one. I always enjoyed Bennigan's espicially their salads.
  8. Hi all Just a quick jump in. Very busy with both jobs and helping the kids get the house ready to move into. Most of the painting is done and the guys are working on the shower. Kyle's brake line on his truck broke yesterday so a little set back since they have to fix it. The house will be quiet soon and than the wedding over and what next......Oh, yeah the cruise in Feb. I know I will be ready. MaryLou - Sorry to hear about your run of bad luck. I will be better soon. Hang in there. Joey - Glad you are ok from the quake. Sounds like you are really busy trying to get ready for a little one. Stay safe. Glad to see everyone's new picture. I have tried to put one on and I gave up. Will try again some other time. Well off to do some more weeding at Kyle's house. Really over grown after not be tended to for three years besides the yard being mowed.
  9. Good Afternoon all. Graduation and the party went great. Hard to believe that she is done. Sunday was a day I planned for the pool but it did not happen. We went and bought Mandy and Brian a new bedroom suite for the apartment and than it was time to go to the county 4-H Fair. How it has changed since I was in 4-H. Monday was spent going to back to the fair with the neice and nephews than to work at Kohls. Kyle and Rachel signed the papers for their house yesterday so they are official home owners once again. Rose - Congrats to you son for finding a home. I see that you mention Orlando, my sister lives just outside of Orlando in Davenport, so I have been to that area many of times. MaryLou - Congrats on the new car. Joey - Glad the process is going well for the adopotion. Well back to see what I can get into.
  10. Good evening all. Last time I will proabably be on until Monday. Mandy graduates from college on Sat and we are having a cookout and pool party for her. So that means getting the house clean tomorrow and doing some cooking. I also have to run her project over to Ball State tomorrow for it is due by 4 tomorrow afternoon and she will not be home in time to do it. If it does not get in then there is no graduation. Rose - Glad your DD signed the lease for the apartment. Hope all goes well with your son. Kyle and Rachel sign their papers Monday and they will than be off to their house again. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I will check in if I can otherwise it will be Monday.
  11. I have to go with Keith and Rita, in being the Peony for Indiana.
  12. Have never left a kid in the restroom, however my sister did and realized about a mile down the road that she forgot one of the five. I KNEW it...it runs in the family...LOL! I was just checking to see if you guys were paying attention... I guess it might run in the family on both sides!!! But, now if I was my sister I would want to leave one of the five at a gas station and also forget to go back. I am not sure how she does it with them rangeing in age from 17 to 6...
  13. Have never left a kid in the restroom, however my sister did and realized about a mile down the road that she forgot one of the five. The neighbor has another neighbor watching it. They were in today with a big crane to get it off the house and than start repairing.
  14. Joey - I sure did....told her this would be the first of many....
  15. Good evening. Here is a bright note to the couple who house had the tree fall on it. They got to leave on a cruise on Sunday. I guess that is one way to forget that you have a large tree across the back of your house. And I can't say that would not be an ideal way to do it. Talked to a girlfriend of mine today and she is planning their first cruise for 12/2009. She was asking a ton of questions and can not wait to have the first try at it. Can say I remember that time and how it could not get here soon enough. I hope all goes well for her and that she enjoys cruising as much as I do. Well off to bed for the night.
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