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  1. Everybody enjoy that full harvest moon tonight! 🦇 I'll be in the mountains at 9700 ft so it should be bright! 😎
  2. Andi I hope the MRI is going well about now. Our student has been here three weeks.
  3. Back from the mountains where I spent labor day weekend. Happy to hear Jackie made it out early and will be bound for her African safari soon. Hoping Dorian gets OUT of the Bahamas and heads out to sea! Sorry to hear about your mom, Falina. Two years may have gone by, but I'm sure you still think of her daily. Andi, that sounds horrible! Does Uber or Lyft work that area? Jan, the exchange student was my daughter's idea. She has made many friends with other exchange students over the years. I made her write a White Paper listing the pros and cons, and how she was going to prepare a room. It was very convincing, so here we are. Miranda, congrats on losing the cruise weight. That ain't easy!
  4. Best wishes to Jackie, Jason, Cheryl, Rose and any others that lie in the path of that wicked Dorian!
  5. We're doing well Falina. Thanks. My son has left Washington state and started a job in Boulder, CO so we're happy to have him home. And we've taken in an exchange student from Spain for the year, so just as the nest was getting empty, another bird showed up. 😂
  6. Great pictures Jan! You really do have a nice camera. It looks like the weather was mostly nice, although I saw that you didn't let the rain stop you. As for you Jackie...Get out while you can! Probably not an option. I just hope that Dorian passes completely through before your flight is set to take off. And hopefully not mess up the airport too much. It seems that hurricanes love Labor Day.
  7. Have a great time in South Africa, Jackie and tell Tony a big happy birthday from the Coloradocruisers!
  8. I have an observation to make. I probably suspected this before, but now I have proof. Some of you may have seen my post on Facebook about a passenger jumping from the ship last Monday during a cruise that Sharon and I were on. Even though it was late at night, the ship was underway, and we were in open ocean, the crew reacted promptly and rescued the passenger that jumped from his balcony. I've tried to find out more, but hardly a peep in the press. A little from a passengers blog, and a couple other sites quoting the blog. But the rescue was simply not sensational enough to make the mainstream news. Yet, when the passenger is never found, all the outlets are on it and are sure to report the cruiseline's name in the headline or first sentence. Seems the press coverage is biased?
  9. So sad to hear this news about Cruisetarp. God bless MaryLou on on her new journey.
  10. So sad to see all those beautiful islands underwater and covered with debris. Hope everyone is staying safe this weekend.
  11. We're getting some of that sub-zero arctic air too Shari. So cold I'm afraid my eyeballs will freeze!
  12. Jim, just doing a flyby and saw this. A solution is on the way: A car that drives itself. All you and Kathy have to do is sit back and count punch buggies.
  13. We've never not cruised with kids. Does that make sense? Kids love to cruise but take along things they love to do if the ship doesn't have a kids program. Not sure about your ship, but hopefully it has a pool, good food, and shows.
  14. Hi folks. Next time you come to Denver, take the A-Train! Celebrating many years of hard work this weekend.
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