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  1. We sailed on back-to-back cruises on the Costa Romantica in the late 1990's and did not like the cruise line then. It was trying to break into the Ameircan market. We told ourselves never to sail with them again. We have sailed 29 times. Now I see we made the right decision. In this day and age we thought the only things to think about when cruising is 1. A rogue wave 2. terrorism. It's looking real bad for COSTA and CARNIVAL CORP.
  2. bowlcoach

    Cruising - the lighter side

    Cruising can be relaxing, educational, informative, romantic and so much more. How about fun and ridiculous? Here's a few photos showing some of the fun we've had.
  3. October 3-16, 2009 cruise roundtrip from Bayonne, New Jersey
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