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  1. Happy Birthday Deanna34769!

  2. and I refuse to produce iron-on shirts http://www.customink.com/ This company is a great silk screening company we have used for several years... they have made out t-shirts for the last 4 years. We gave them out artwork and they put it on the back. The front had the ship and date on the left chest. They are pretty reasonable on price... we bought anywhere from 10-25 over the years....
  3. what would you say .. a half mile ? flat terrain? It is an easy walk from either pier. If you dock inside the floating bridge then the walk to the bridge is about a 1/2 to 1 mile or so, mostly flat. If you dock at the other pier it is farther, but still an easy walk to the bridge to get to the other side.
  4. There really wasn't a leader... they are ok. They still have the hotel and excursions going... thanks for asking.
  5. Good morning... just lurking about... living vicariously through all the cruisers, I had to cancel due to unstable job market.
  6. its just the site not the people .. this disagreement has been going on for a few years...and Deanna just so you know ... we don't hate... we just don't support... there is a difference... Ok hate is a bit strong... dislike maybe is a better term... but when you call us from X the DS... that is hurtful really. I don't judge you guys for not posting over there and try to post on both boards to keep everyone informed... rady your last several posts... we from the DS will not be included or offered the opportunity to mingle together... M&G, party, hotel, etc... I am an easy going person and get along with most personalities and type of people... but this is jaw dropping even for me on a few posts... (i.e. hotel for crazies only, no M&G for you, you are a step ABOVE other cruises, etc.)
  7. Cabin crawl would beinterested in what you think about that... as for the Connection party we never sign up for .. ( because it's endorsed the DS) so you can tell us about that.. WOW!!! didn't realize you had such hate for those who participate on x = DS!!!!
  8. Good morning everyone... hello from chilly Florida... brrr this morning. Not used to this. I see a cold coming in the near future...
  9. Here is the list .. the red Y indicates you approve our hotel choice Ylashl - Late Seating - Cabin 6098 - Room for One Night YJohnG -Late Seating - Cabin 6114 YRogue-Late Seating-Cabin 7156 Zebra - Late Seating - Cabin 7203 - Room for One night - possibly Two SailingRose - Late Seating - Cabin 7206 Mark & Barbara - Late Seating - Cabin 7208 Rat - Late Seating - Cabin 8046 YPatJud - Early Seating - Cabin 8148 - Room for Two Nights YJoeyandDavid - Late Seating - Cabin 8170 - Room for Two Nights YCruisetarp - Early seating - Cabin 8172 - Room for Two Nights BulldogCruiser - Early seating - Cabin 9043 (*honorary member) Eddiesgal - Early Seating - Cabin 9201 Deanna-?? Seating Cabin??(*honorary member) (*honorary member denotes group member who chose not to transfer their booking to take advantage of some of the group amenities) Joey... I am Late Seating and Cabin 6144... but still not sure what hotel we are going to book yet.
  10. Hi Joey... thanks for the info... will look it over. Is this price for a normal room with 2 doubles or 1 king I assume?
  11. LOL.... it does get quiet then all of a sudden BAM..... but Jackie is in south Africa..(she talks alot) LOL... not used to all this quietness...
  12. How do you ever find hats that fit? I 'll let you know what i find out!! LOL you got me on that one...
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