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  1. Hi everyone, Have not been around for a while now. We went on our 18 day vacation (12 of which was a cruise in the Baltic on the NCL Jewel). Totally awesome vacation. We came home on Monday May 11th at around 5 pm, the movers packed my house all day May 12th, then they packed the moving van on May13th, as soon as they finished my husband and I left at 1:30pm and drove to AZ. Got here on the 15th at 2 pm. We have been unpacking and putting things away ever since. It's going to take me a little longer to get settled then I'll put up some vacation pictures to share...........It's good to be back on line! Hugs, Barbara
  2. Warm thoughts going out to all of you in the "Snow" and "Cold". I live in Warm and sunny South Florida and the coldest it gets here is a chilly 50 late at night. It's a freezing 72 degrees today and I had to put on a hoody this morning [/size]
  3. I Never miss a show, loved it since the first season. The forth judge just makes it a bit more even and lets Simon stay out of it a little more then before so he's not so rude and mean. I can't believe that some of these people really think they can sing !!!! I always say I can't carry a tune if it was super glued to my vocal cords, it would be like me trying out. What world are they from ???[/font]
  4. Have a Very Happy Birthday Not older, just better..........
  5. I have an attorney in the family that I just sent this to. Might make her think before complaing..............
  6. I "Love" anything to do with corn and this one sounds great. I will try it for the holidays.
  7. It's used to bebread that is backed and then made into a sandwich and pressed flat. Now however in the modern world they bake flat breads to make the sandwich with, just that simple
  8. Summer Nights ~ Grease
  9. I love to shop and the day after Thanksgiving is always fun. Must be the people and noise, not just the sales that I enjoy. Get there really early and shop till I drop is my saying. Thanks for the early AD's info, already see something I have my eye on.
  10. I am very outgoing and love to get involved, so when I saw all of the great pictures of others I wanted to join in. It's more fun to talk to you if I know what you look like. Glad I started a Picture Party.......................Lets see how many others we can get to post an Avatar too !!!!!
  11. Boy am I glad I found you guys !!! If you can understand my typing, I think I found the right place. I will be here to smile and cry with any and all of you.... Your new friend.............
  12. According to the Group at Hearts and Crafts, I can't keep my mouth shut and they don't want to have lunch with me anymore !!! So I need some place to Blab and get it out............
  13. My little secret is a miracle worker named "Jason". He's the one that put it up for me, because I'm to computer illiterate to do it myself. So now you all know who's the smart one around here and it's not me.
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