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  1. OK, family and friends I have to blow my own horn just a little. Since March I have been working on my weight well as of today I have lost 43 lbs and 10inches around my waist!!. 14 more pounds and I will meet my 2nd weight loss goal. whoop whoop! Still have more to go but I am so excited to be here and wearing 4 dressing smaller. Maybe in the next 6 months I will loose another 43bls:)

  2. The following pictures is from a book that my grandmother helped me with for show and tale when I was I Kindergartner in Porterdale, GA about 1966 or 1967.

  3. I don't often do this but....It occurs to me that for each and every one of you on my friends list, I catch myself looking at your pictures, sharing jokes and news, as well as support during good and bad times. I am also happy to have you among my friends. We will see who will take the time to read this message until the end. If you appreciate your friends from all over the world, go ahead and copy this into your status too, even if it's just for a minute. I'm going to be watching to see who...

  4. Happy Birthday tljones!

  5. Busy month for me and my family but a good one. Both my sons graduated and received their associate degrees and both have been accepted to four years schools. One is majoring engineering and the other political science. Half way there. Empty nester come August! Second time around maybe it will stick this time.

  6. Just dropping in to say Happy Valentine to everyone!

  7. Hello TLJones, Can you believe the Alaska cruise is all most here. I know we can't wait, I been writing reviews on cruisecrazies look them up.

    our state room number for the cruise 7337 aft

    stay in touch.


  8. Good evening Cruise Crazies Family, sorry have not had much time to stop by and talk until to night. Today was a long and stressful day. I left for work this morning at 6:45am (a 45 minute drive to work) with all plans to get our office in shape for an audit next week. Well a mile from the office I get a call that at 5am a sprinkler on the 4th floor went off and had rained water at 500 gallons per minute for 1 hour. Well I work on the 2nd floor right under where this sprinkler malfunctioned and the water rain down on our floor. Nothing like seeing water run out of your window. Well needless to say as government employees you can not just say everyone go home. I had 25 employees to relocate to others office within a 60 mile radius and as it turns out the earliest we may get back into the building is Monday and that is a if. Our office serves over 16, 000 children (sorry not sure if I shared that I’m as Child Support Service Supervisor for the GA Department of Child Support Services in other words I make sure individuals who are order to pay child support pay as order. A lot of people do not like what I represent but I feel it is a good cause) and there are over 13, 000 files that may have been water damaged. I know this was out of my realm of control but it is stressful when you have employees all over the place and you know this will have an impact on the children you serve. But God was good to me, when I got home tonight I was wondering what to do for super my husband came in and said our neighbors have invited us to supper and of course I yes. I’m no fool I know when a gift has been given. So tonight I wish the same kindness and love I was given to all on Cruise Crazies. Nancy welcome back and glad to meet you! Glad to here all are warming up from the cold! Tim, the 1st time after the loss of a love one is hard. I have been through this when I lost my Dad, my last living Grandfather and my 17 year old brother in 1995 (all within 12 months). The way I handled the 1st times as they would come and go was to focus on the joyful memories I had of my love ones. This did not replace them but I felt each one of them and their love for me. I am sure you will find your way to get through the 1st times too. You are in my prayers. Ed congratulations on booking your Cruise. Only us Cruise Crazies understand “Oh What a Feeling!” Sorry guys if I was too sentimental, just a lot deal with today, thanks for listening. Terri
  9. Just dropping in to say Happy Valentine to everyone!

  10. Just dropping in to say Happy Valentine to Cruise Crazies Crew!
  11. No big plans today so far. Going to spend time with my cousin Zoe no telling what we will end up doing.

  12. No big plans today so far. Going to spend time with my cousin Zoe no telling what we will end up doing. Last time we were together was about 3 weeks ago in Miami, Fl. We and husbands went to a Greek tavern and joined in the fun of dancing on the tables, throwing napkins in the air and saying OOPA! It was a very good time! Catch ya’ll later. Have a Great Day Cruise Crazies! Terri
  13. Welcome to Cruise Crazies, stop by the Dockside and introduce yourself! Terri
  14. Welcome to Cruise Crazies, stop by the Dockside and introduce yourself! Terri
  15. Welcome to Cruise Crazies, stop by the Dockside and introduce yourself! Terri
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