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  1. Well, it's a newest ship, named regal - the prices should match both the season of the stars - and the name
  2. the absolutely newest Princess cruise ship Regal Princess itinerary, schedule & prices 2014 - the Inaugural season will offer Mediterranean cruises from Barcelona to Venice and reverse, plus a cheap Transatlantic repositioning cruise in October 2014. By the way, if you wanna see all Princess repositioning cruises 2013/2014 - see this website http://www.repositioncruises.com/ it shows relocation cruises in 2013/2014 by line and some ports and destinations, cruise dates with suggestive prices for a comparison.
  3. wanna see a really big ship? see why Brits are all wow about the UK's new aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth class QE R08 (on a QE cruise ship website) showing the hms Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier progress (it's still under construction) with copious details about its size, cost to build ($5,5 bill!), weapons, building contractors, etc. It's a very extensive survey, and btw there's a second battleship of the same class - to be named Prince of Wales
  4. 4-year old boy nearly drowned at one of the pools on Disney Fantasy cruise ship the incident happened while the newest Disney ship was docked in Port Canaveral, Florida
  5. Royal Caribbean International has replaced its gold, platinum and diamond wine packages with a new "Premium Platinum Package" - see what the new Wine and Dine package includes and the RCCL's wine list with prices - what I don't see there is if these prices are tips inclusive or not. But there's a bottle of wine that costs 600+ bucks
  6. There's a cruise virus outbreak on Grand Turk with a number of passengers on several different ships with Norovirus illness reports in March 2013 - you can see which cruise ships are skipping the illness outbreak island and change their sail routes to not call on Grand Turk these days and which cruises (as departure dates) are affected by it
  7. Reduced speed and itinerary change is the result form a propeller failure on this P&O ship (currently sailing on a Transatlantic cruise Barbados to England/Southampton) This will not change any of the departure dates - p and o Ventura 2013 cruises from UK as itineraries and schedule remain unchanged. I like Carnival and I'm really sorry it is another of their ships, but such things happen.
  8. Miami is the most convenient as to flights and itineraries - many ships, many lines, short trips, good fares
  9. I do not gamble, but I guess the thrill is always on. Some take a cruise just to drink, why not the gambling variation!
  10. the lido buffet is OK. Specialty restaurants are a great option to celebrate, though!
  11. Yeah - usually you don't sleep much! Especially on Carnival!
  12. Carnival often gives cabin upgrades - there are so many ships, especially to Caribbean.
  13. Hey Stivo, welcome aboard! :)

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